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Shift Flair.....again....

Mike M2

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April 20, 2013
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1998 Explorer Eddie Bauer
Yea, I know this has been talked to death here. Last year I broke a band so I rebuilt another 5R55E I had out back and installed. I used this one because the servo holes were perfect, still had hash marks from factory drilling. It worked well for about 6 months until it developed a bad flair between 2 and 3, so I ordered an updated valvebody from a company on Ebay which included the solenoids. They swore this would do the trick for me. I pulled the pan only to find 3 small bearings, so back out it came. I found a thrust bearing shreaded near the output shaft, so I replaced it and put it all back together using the new VB I got. I just took it for a ride and the flair hasn't changed any at all, still bad.
I'm not sure where I go from here. I am wondering about the quality of the VB, but since there was zero change I can't help think it may be something else.
I notice a lot of guys in the big flair thread saying they have the issue and they are gonna try this and that but few come back and say it was fixed....

I had the 2-3 flair for probably 5 years. Put many miles on it. Than the 1-2 flair. When the trany finally would not go any longer, it had 170,000 miles.
Pulled the trany and ordered a master overhaul kit and new torque converter.
The forward clutches were completely toasted. That was the only thing that I found to be wrong during disassembly.
Tested solenoids, all tested ok, but I did not want to take a chance with something else being wrong with the valve body, so I also ordered one off eBay.
180,000 and going strong, crossing fingers. Probably something with the valve body that caused the clutches to burn.
Bought the truck brand new in 2000. In 2005 I replaced the separator plate with the new bonded plate, and the factory upgrades. Only work that was performed except fluid and filter changes.