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simple upper intake gasket question??


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April 13, 2005
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08 XLT
im working on an 96 4.0 OHV.

I bought a valve cover gasket kit, and it came with
1. valve cover gaskets
2. 3- O-rings for the upper intake
3. 2- paper gaskets that look like they fit between the upper and lower intake...

when i disassembled the truck.. there was no gasket between the upper and lower intake.. only those 3 orings that are embedded in the plastic upper... was one of those paper gaskets supposed to be in between there as well?

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Upper Intake

When I took my upper intake off to replace the thermostat housing there was only the two rubber intake gaskets. Each one looked like three oval attached together. i don't recall putting on any paper gaskets.

ah i figured it out.. the paper ones go underneath the aluminum fuel rail plate

Baddriver, take a look at my post, P0171,P0174 1999 ford exploder 4.0L OHV this might help.

don't put those thin paper gaskets on your lower intake. The lower intake gasket is 1/4 inch thick. you need to get it from ford (PN# F6TZ-9E436-C). It has the silicone rings. When I took my upper intake off there was "NO" paper gasket on top of the fuel rail.