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valve cover gasket question


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March 17, 2010
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Peachtree City Georgia
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99 explorer sport
im going to be replacing my valve cover gaskets (oil leaking...) and i know ill need to take off the intake plenum to get the things off (thankyou ford engineers for making things difficult.). heres the problem - oreilly, autozone, napa, etc - when i look up valve cover gaskets the pictures show 3 gaskets (2 valve covers and one strait one with 6 holes in it) yet it says in the descriptions "upper intake gasket not included". so my question is do these kits come with all the gaskets ill need - or do i need the valve cover gaskets AND a different gasket set to do this right?

any advice/tips/experience will be appreciated!
thanks guys

-oh - and she has the 4.0 ohv in her

love that site - but the question is - what gaskets do i need? even on rock auto it shows three in the picture, yet says upper intake gaskets not included.

so will those sets come with three gaskets i need to do the job? or are there others ill need to buy as well

(and thanks for the reply! this site is actually how i found out about rock auto... and its saved me a ton of $)