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Steps for 5.5 inch lift

April 7, 2000
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New Fairfield, CT
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1994 XLT
I currently have a 3 inch body lift and the stock 28 or 29 inch tires. I want to put in a 5.5 inch superlift kit or a 6 inch skyjacker lift during the summer. I want to be able to run 35 inch Mickey Tompson Baja Claws. What other things am I going to have to buy? New brake lines, longer drive shaft, re gear to 4.56, steering linkage, fender triming? I may also get some add a leaves and some coil spacers for additional lift if nessary. What are your thoughts, thanks?

'94 Explorer XTL 4.0L
3 inch body lift, drilled air box

Having just done the Superlift 5.5", here's my thoughts on this:

<LI>New brake lines
Yes. I put the Skyjacker 6" steel braided on. (had to yell and scream at them to get the right connectors)

<LI>longer drive shaft
No, I don't think this is really needed.

<LI>re gear to 4.56
Oh yea. Esp. if you don't have 4.10's or at least 3.73's in it.

<LI>steering linkage
Get the Superrunner steering & dropped pitman arm.

<LI>fender triming?
Who really knows.. From what I can tell on the 33", and my truck, I've got one spot that could rub a 35", and it also depends on the backspacing you use.

Thomas Davis
93 Mazda Navajo

What is the better quality lift the 5.5 super lift or the 6 inch skyjacker. The 5.5 uses a rear spring over and the 6 uses relocaiong brackets right. So the stock leaves are not changed. Also how hard is it going to be to by new shock when these go bad? Thanks

'94 Explorer XTL 4.0L
3 inch body lift, drilled air box