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Strange RADIO HARNESS question...94 Explorer


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September 27, 2007
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94 Explorer
I went to swap out the factory radio on my 94 today and I ran into a problem.
I went and bought the harness for my truck and it doesn't seem to be the correct one.
The stock radio was a tape deck, btw.

The harness I bought looks like this...

How ever, my factory wiring doesn't have that black rectangular piece. Instead it's a small square piece.
Do I have the wrong harness?
The grey piece on the adapter harness plugs into a gray plug on the factory wiring. However, there's nothing for the black plug to plug into with my factory wiring. The small black plug in the factory side has 8 wires, which i assume is the speaker wires.

Do I have the wrong harness? Or am I missing something?

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Yes wrong harness. You need the one with the rectangle plug & the square plug. You have the basic radio harness. You need to buy the other one cause you have the factory amp. And you will need to bypass that amp. Look at the FAQ on it.

I looked but couldn't find the link.
Can you help me out with the info or link please?

I am not audio intelligent at all, but I found a few threads that might help you. Some might not be specifically for your year, but might give you some basic knowledge. There is a sticky thread dealing with factory subs and aftermarket radios too.

no. you need to get :


or if you don't wanna use the factory amp then get this one:


Get the 2nd one. Also crutchfield sells them & you get a complete instruction booklet.

When I return mine to Best Buy, I'll see if they have the correct harness

they have the 2nd one that i posted. tell them you want a ford amp eliminator harness. if they don't know what you're talking about then give them a swift kick in the sack. they should've never sold you the standard ford harness for a '91-94 explorer to begin with

Just an UPDATE.
I exchanged the other, incorrect harness for the correct one at Best Buy. Same price too!
Radio is installed. Piece of cake.
I bought the Metra 70-5514 Harness kit.
This is the second stylein the pics above, only mine is made by Metra, not Scosche.
Installed the amp bypass, which took all of about5 minutes. That includes removing the back half of the rear panel.
That kit also gave me tyhe CORRECT radio harness for the speaker wires. Plugs right into the black square harness!

THANKS for all the help guys!