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Super_Swamper_98's 4x4 conversion sas

Well it's about time for a very well due swap and conversion im tired of driving around a poser truck 2wd with 35's.

Here is the parts list

77 f150 HP wull width d44
89 f150 full width 8.8
Yukon 5.13's
Yukon chromoly d44 axles when stock ones grenade
Reid racing flat top knuckles
Ballistic fab high steer kit with studs
Ballistic fab various brackets
Ballistic fab forged chromoly joint x2
Ballistic fab forged poly bushing x2
Longfield u joints
Spicer hd ball joints
Warn premium hubs
Bilstein 7100 resi shocks
Solid axle IND d44 & 8.8 diff covers
Some kind of lift coils and buckets
BW 1356
Oem front and rear driveshafts
4x4 tranny tail housing and output shaft
Etc etc etc

here it sits now some would stop there!


And first off tryin to cut off the wedges its a PITA and prepin the axle


The axle is a full width d44 hp from a 77 f150 more to come soon

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Looking sweet!! Will be good to see it at SMORR next time :)

Thanks man i I can't wait till I'm finished with it or, go hit the trails with a bunch of explorers:p

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Well this build is going to be on hold for a while :( poly performance said my 513.'s master over haul kit, diff cover r on back order for about 4 weeks and ballistic fab said my 3 inch joints and bushings r on back order for 2 weeks so I told em send it all when its all ready. But I got my axle ripped down and blasted and I found a set of sky jacker extended brake likes in town for 75 bucks :D pics as soon as they come

any updates?

Yes my gears master over haul kits and diff cover came for the 44 came im still waitin on ballistic fab tho and wendsday i orderd sky manuf high steer arms warn prem hubs badd ball joints and five inch heep t gay coils next bilstine 7100 resis

You have the front axle I have been searching for. Lucky dog. :)

Still have the wheels & tires for sale?

Yea i went all over town tryin to find a axle prolly ten yards then i found this thing for 80 bucks ; ) and yes they r still for sale

$80!!!!!! That's so not fair!!!! lol That's awesome! :thumbsup:

There is a certain member that is already subscribed to this thread..Cough..Cyber..cough..that needs those tires. :D

Update new parts here well almost all of em still waiting on Ballistic Fab they are dragin ass two months to wait on parts is way to long I got half of the stuff from them still waitin on the coil spring radius arm axle brackets, 3 inch Ballistic Joints, 2 misalignment spacers one heim joint and 4 forged poly joints. I dropped my tranny off to have the tail housings switched still need a T-case and drive shafts anyway got my 44 built still need to build the 8.8 tho.


This is a shot of when I blasted my axle at one of the projects I was workin on its a soda blaster I remove toxic lead paint and mold from buildings.



After soda blasting


Rippin into it


Painted up and lookin good I thought I would paint the C's to match the knuckles when they get done being machined im not goin with new knuckles anymore



Early Christmas :D

Still need to order Detroit locker for front, Bilstein 7100 Resi shocks, F250 shock towers, 37's im goin with the MTR Kevlar and a 17' Rim still need to order them too and prolly more crap lol

Update I have all parts from ballistic fab 3' joints heims and crap. I have never delt with a company who doesent care about their customers, made my order in late may and got my last box the end of december. They got kicked off pirate for a reason but lets get back on track. I need tubing, tires, wheels, t-case and a few little parts and a trailer to move it from my moms to my new house. I plan on having this thing finished late feb or early march (knocks on wood). Pics soon

Thats just insane! Over half a year to deliver parts! WTF! Jerks!

I would have had to go a diff route, waiting that long would never have worked for me. Glad you are able to make some progress now tho. We need to see you up north at one of our meets someday. :)

Yea i tried to have patience the only thing that kept me from goin somewhere else like rough stuff was I have another car to drive and I already paid em. Ive been wanting to go up there for a trail ride for the longest time, May would be sweet!

Damn thats funny

Get this thing going an we'll hit Hot Springs! Or Gilmer, which would be closer to ya.

Hot springs sounds bad ass superlift park?


long time no update i had to put the ex in storage i have just got it out of storage to my new house. Not much progress done at all in over a year all i really did was weld all the brackets up. Got the tools out and the parts out of storage ready to finish this thing I hope by january. Up dates soon!!! ;)