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The Ultimate Lift Kit

Thanks 95offroadx

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did anyone ever hear of the doetsch prerunner shock? bronco graveyard carries them for $42 each. Looking at the 12" travel for the front, and the 14" travel for the rear

I have been thinking about 8" xj coils all day, ive been considering swap these inplace of the skyjackers. I think they would work pretty well with the shocks and extended radius arms. And would give a good 6" of lift. But they might be to soft.

Im shooting for 600 rti score

Why bother with prerunner shocks? Just get Procomp es series. Cheap and they are pretty decent.

pro comp es shocks get up to 14" of travel?

i would think the prerunner shocks would be pretty good, but are you gonna prerun your truck? even if you dont prerun they'll prolly be pretty good. honestly, speaking only for myself, i don't like the procomp shocks.

so do you have the brackets and coils and such on your truck already? if you do, have you measured your travel? cause i was running 4" superlift brckets and 4" superlift springs and i was getting about 12-13" of travel. and right now with the same brackets but with autofab springs i pull about 15"

mine are 16" travel and I need more.

no i did not install it yet

right now i have a 4" rc lift with spacers and soa to make 5"

man. Im loving how these TTB's are keepin up with solids in flex and such. There are quite a few b2's on therangerstation that put down a 580 on the rti just with jeep springs and drop brackets.
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just a quick update... Havent gotten far at all on this project lately

I did happen to but some 8" skyjacker coils springs. But now im trying to think of a way to help steer these huge coils.


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hey izwack that flex is ####ing crazy man.