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Solved Transmission Band Adjustment Specification Chart

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I have a 2002 explorer xlt, for adjusting the bands, first loosen the tueca not to move the screw, nut second I take two laps against the clock, third adjust the screw by hand hazta longer power fourth pull the screw 10 lbs.
fifth after this tight the screw 10 lbs. I adjust the nut. is this correct?

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Welcome to this forum! You should hold the stud while you loosen the nut, then you use a torque wrench to adjust the band tension. Use a breaker bar to turn the stud back, then lock the nut in place while you hold the stud.

flare up between 2nd-3rd gear

I have a 2001 explorer sport have an flare up between 2nd-3rd gear adjusted bands in to 120 inch-lbs and out 1.5 turns (back from where I started from) ... still had problem I adjusted both bands in 1/4 of a turn. took it for a test drive it felt better still had minor flare ups. then tighten over drive band in 1/8 of turn drove smooth after warmed up... flares still happen at random it has to be an senor or other but which one need to be replaced? ( also this issue happen right after the o/d light flashing) no issue before that and the code was -incorrect 3rd gear ratio-

Is adjusting the band in. Would that help stop the slipping?

220K on my '02 expl. bought it with about 60k several years ago, no work on it that i know of. Just now replaced servos. (Can i say, i hate snap rings) adjusted both bands. Intermediate was nearly the same before and after (about 7 threads showing). O/D went nearly all the way in (one or two threads showing when it finally tightened up) now has about 4 threads showing once i back it out 720 degrees. assuming theres a good bit of wear, but is that too much? there were no band pieces in the pan, just good bit of very fine material on magnet. fluid was dark (dirty) but not burnt that i could tell. I have no code reader but had blinking o/d light and no overdrive with high rev 1-2 up shift. will take it off jack stands later today and drive it. Seems to shift okay on stands.

test drive went very well...shifted through all the gears...a little flare in 2-3 so i will try to adjust intermediate band again...o/d works good and no indicator lights. BTW i removed battery cable for several hours to "reset" computer.

flare seems to have resolved itself, tranny is working very well with the servoborefix.

Wow. Thanks! This is awesome. Ill do this Mon.

14 weeks in, still working well...wonder if the band adjustment would have fixed it, but think I am happy it is working very smoothly.

Band adjustment and sharp change

Hi I have a od light flashing and I noticed the gears change when stopping was quite rough from 2-1 and the same 1-2 on the way up i also notice a small shudder as if the abs came on. My question is could this be a band adjustment required or some other problem. I must say it does not always happen and is mostly noticeable when I have a misfire which is another problem.

transmission codes

Hi I would love to find out the codes but where I live there are no agents with the required scanners to read the codes. Is there a way that you can get the codes without a scanner.

I have read pages and pages in this thread. gobbs and gobbs of info, reference material. however im still at a loss. my trans was rebuilt about 40k ago from a reputiable shop. i was on my way back yesterday from PA to home in racine, just south of milwaukee. i had no real problems with it. so im driving down the highway and pull off to the shoulder to check an email; put the truck into drive and lagggg. its weak. funtional, but weak. this is the same for reverse. band? i say this because from everything i read states reverse/od band are one. i can do the following..

(with od off)
i can put the truck into low gear to start and fine through all the gears that are suppose to work. when i get to highway speeed i can turn on the O/D and it works fine. does the same thing with O/D on. the problem is when it is in the drive position. sticky valve body? im in a pickle as of all times something could o wrong.....ugh

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You have 3 separate bands. The rear band is the low/reverse band. The middle band is the intermediate band, and the front band is for overdrive. Did you take pressure readings in each gear range? When was the last time you replaced the fluid & filter? How is the fluid level?