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I was looking at the weather radar the last couple days and saw that the storms were dumping rain even out to the Salton Sea. I hope it's enough to make the truckhaven "trenches" more like they used to be and not just like sidwalks.

I saw on the local weather that Borrego recorded 2.5" between the 2 storms this past week. :eek: I'll bet the terrain was altered in T-haven. ;)

Just realized there are 2 t-haven 2009 threads. :confused: Anyway, i really hope to make it to this one, it's been too long since i've been out.

For the Potluck, we will be bringing Sarah's Famous Ceasar Salad! (thought I would get in first).

May I come and play? tbars4.....would love to show you the Sleeping Princess. She is lots of fun mostly, but can be a b***h at times.:salute:

...:wtf:...I hope the "Sleeping Princess" is a dog, lol..:D

...Everyone is always welcome...Hopefully, if Brian1 gets a Mojave trail together we can do that this year also...

...I am hoping to make this TH trip but it looks like work will finally be picking up by then...:dunno:

For the potluck I'll bring some more "manly" quiche and some BBQ polish sausage.

I'm bringing the yearly potato salad. :D

I'm probably out. I will be either working on the zuk, or finishing details on the house (fireplace needs TLC still).


How'd I get in here??? :confused:

Jeff - :navajo:

...:shifty_ey ...Alright, who left the gate open???...:p:

Wishing for one day


One day I'll make it to Truck Haven! :mad:

Jeff - :navajo:

So one at my work, asked if I had a fire place...I said "no why?" They said "O' we cut down this old dead tree on the side of the warehouse and are going to have to pay to have the firwood removed"....:D

I'l be driving my truck to work tommorow!;)

Pencil Thunderhorse and I in.

I will (as usual) be in my Jeep and thunderhorse will be in his new 2001 Explorer Sport Trac.


...Hope to see you there...Did Thunderhorse get rid of his Explorer????

Okay, I have been watching this thread and getting a little frustrated. Since there are several thousand members of this site, and a good amount of them live within driving distance of Truckhaven............why the heck are so few members signing up for this event?
This used to be the largest event of the year, every year. Now there is a smaller turnout each year. In order to maintain our rights to use the area, we need to have large turnouts on our annual events.
So........COME ON, sign up already. Get in your Explorer / Ranger / Whatever and come out to play, meet some new people and have a lot of fun. Even if you have never been camping before, you can do it, its not that hard. All of us help each other when we go out. All you really need is some sandwiches, a few beers and some firewood to have a good time in Truckhaven (okay, maybe some water). I understand times are tough this year, but it does not cost that much for a real good weekend. Cheap entertainment, thats us.
I will even volunteer to lead the bunny run this year for one day (Saturday).


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When is everyone coming out? Anyone Friday?:( I'm gonna be able to get out there thursday night, but gonna have to be home by Saturday morning:thumbdwn: Sorry...Wife does not want me to miss April's first birthday:rolleyes: So if no one is coming out till Friday night...I'm out:(

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