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TTB Dana 44 spindles on 76 Solid axle?

98 sport

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July 23, 2004
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98 Sport
Does anyone know or have tried to put 80-96 TTB Dana 44 4x4 spindles on an older (70's) Dana 44 solid axle? Do the ball joints work/are the same etc. I want to retain the newer style Ford caliper, hardware, etc.

The older ford axle from the 70's use a 5 bolt hole pattern on the knuckle to hold the spindle. TTB f150 axles use a 6 bolt pattern that is the same as used on jeep and chevy dana 44 axles.

On my waggoneer dana 44 I am using 1970s chevy knuckles, spindles off of early 70's jeep waggoneer, rotor and wheelbearings from an 89 f150, Caliper and caliper bracket is off an 80's jeep waggoneer. This setup uses an outer axle shaft off an 80's waggoneer and any dana 44 hubs (mine are off an 89 f150) Doing all this allows you to run histeer and a 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern.

Ball joints are teh same on all solid axle dana 44's I think the TTB are differnt but could be wrong.

The only part of my brake system that isnt new is the master cylinder, booster and hard lines. The truck stops strait and quick considering I am running a 35" tire much better then my old ranger with 33"s

I also wanted to use the 6 bolt knuckle to spindle, and newer style spindle, rotors etc.
I'll probably just go with some flat top chevy spindles for my cross over steering.

If your Ford D44 orginally came with drum brakes it has a 6 bolt outer knuckle. I did a disc brake swap using Chevy spindles, backing plates, and calipers with Ford rotors. Took a little grinding here and there but it works well.