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Tube sizes, thicknesses and specs for fabbing


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I thought I would ask.

What is the best tube to use for fabbing bumpers and/or cages?
Obviously one would want the most strength with the least weight.

What are good methods for welding this stuff?
If I only had access to an arc welder, can it be done that way, or is wire feed type tig or mig or whatever they`re called the only thing that should be used?

I`m pretty good with an arc welder and have access to one, but I don`t do so well with thin metal. Arc welding seems more aimed at welding the thicker stuff, so I`m worried if I try and weld up my own bumper that way I`m going to have problems.


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1 3/4 .120wall DOM tubing is pretty much the standard for cages. You could go with 1.5 just as easily. The crackerbox will weld it just fine.

I`m wondering if I should make some bumpers, or more to the point I want a rear one with a reciever on it. I just thought it would be good to have some info here related to the task.

I don`t think I`ll make you one either :smoke:

I was drawing some rough sketches and ideas out, I really don`t know how I would design it at this point, I just might put it in someone elses hands, I dunno..

I need to come visit you guys on that one thread I tried to follow for a while.

Somebody needs to build me some, but I am still sitting here with a vague visual of what they may look like. The concept of trying to actually design them and have them built is,...well ...not very clear :confused:

Now the rock bars are necessity, and I am still curious what size of tubing is typically used?

I will be using 2" .120 DOM for my cage/bumpers/sliders. I really like 1 3/4" for saving a little weight (and it'll hold about as good as 2") but the rules are changing for NHRA and local racers to require all 2". Don't ask me why, I don't know; just know that all the local racers are pissed about changing their cages. Just a little useless trivia.

TIG is the idea welder for cages because how clean it is, though I'll be using MIG because that's what I have and my interior will be gutted completely before the cage/paint install anyway. ARC will work just fine, though you will be spending more time cleaning up your welds and splatter is all. Good luck to you and post pics!