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vacum lines


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March 22, 1999
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Salt Lake City, Utah
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94 xlt
For those of you who have the conical after market air cleaners (BBK,KKM)on 94 & older Explorer. What did you do with the two vacum lines from the stock air box, and the hose that goes to the air intake tube from the exhaust manifold/header area?
I have the K&N filter and it seems if these vac lines and the air box thermo are not needed Id like to plug the lines.
Any thoughts?

The vacuum line that goes back to the manifold vacuum takeoff at the rear of the engine MUST be plugged. The other line that went to the hot air diverter valve and the hot air tube you can put in a bottom drawer somewhere until you need them for your next vehicle inspection.

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For those with factory conical filters years 95 & 96, where do the vacuum lines connect to?

Thanks Skip, especially the heads up on the emission/inspection test.
I decided too use vacumm line caps, so I dont space it off when it comes time to renew emissions.