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Varsity's 2000 Explorer Sport

I've been here awhile, just not a big poster and it made me jealous seeing everyone else's Explorer on here and mine unknown :(.
-2000 Explorer Sport
-4.0 OHV V6
-87k miles

Current Mods:

Under the Hood/Performance
-K&N Drop-in filter
-BBK 66mm throttle body
-Dynomax Super Turbo muffler w/ custom bent pipes
-PowerStop cross-drilled and slotted rotors
-DieHard Platinum battery
-Airbox silencer removed w/ "swiss cheese" mod
-OEM External trans cooler added

-Rebuilt 4.10 Limited Slip

-1st gen Sport emblem
-Explorer Forum license plate frames
-'99 Mountaineer side mirrors w/ puddle lights
-LED License Plate lights
-Black taillight covers
-Smoked Black headlight covers
-LED Puddle Lights
-20% Tint on side vents/quarter glass
-EXPLORER lettering on step cover painted gold
-1995 Limited grill
-Rusty rocker panels and other rust fixed
-Bug Shield w/ Sport emblem
-4" CREE LED Pods
-LED Reverse Lights
-Removed lower valance

-Monroe SensaTrac shocks
-Moog Polyurethane front sway bar links
-3" Body Lift
-4-door leaf springs
-1" TT
-Sway bar link quick connects/disconnects (

-33x12.50 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO
-15x8 American Racing AR 767 wheels

-Overhead Console
-LED Dome Lights
-LED Dash Lights
-LEDs in Cupholder
-LED Glovebox light
-LED headlight switch
-Painted airvents and jack cover black
-52W CDX-GT565UP Sony headunit
-7 1/4" Kicker Speakers in front
-6.5" Kenwood Speakers in back
-Ford Steering wheel cover
-Side door marker lights from early 2nd gen and converted to LED
-Husky Custom-fit Floorliners
-WeatherTech Custom-fit Cargo Liner
-Uniden Radar Detector
-Maglite mount in cargo area
-2.5lb. fire extinguisher mounted in cargo area
-'01 Sport gauges
-ScanGauge II

-Hella Optilux Extreme Yellow fog lights
-4" LED Pods in bumper

-Random outlining under the hood
-Smittybuilt hitch-mounted D-Ring
-Bedlined OEM gas tank skidplate

Events/Trails Attended
2013 Lucas Oil 4 Wheel and Off-Road Jamboree Participant (Indianapolis)
2014 Lucas Oil 4 Wheel and Off-Road Jamboree Participant (Indianapolis)
2015 Lucas Oil 4 Wheel and Off-Road Jamboree Participant (Lima)
2016 Lucas Oil 4 Wheel and Off-Road Jamboree Participant (Lima)
2017 Lucas Oil 4 Wheel and Off-Road Jamboree Participant (Lima)

The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park (Marseilles, IL)
Badlands Off-Road Park (Attica, IN)

Taken not too long after I got the Explorer.


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Got somewhat of a sad update. As my truck nears the big 100k, I had my first accident. I got rear ended from a dead stop while sitting at a stoplight. Totally not my fault. The other car was perfectly fine, yet my rear bumper took a big hit. It's bent pretty good. No idea what's going on as far as repairs or insurance but it doesn't seem like it's gonna be an easy process... Cooperation is pretty so-so right now but at least I have a police report to back me up, I guess. It's pretty much a waiting game right now. I'm not gonna go into much detail or post too many pics until I figure what's gonna happen but I can post the rest in a few days once I get some more feedback.

I was too choked up to even talk at the time. It just sucks that even if you do absolutely nothing wrong, someone can still come and destroy what you have. Luckily she's still driveable and all, but I still get sad every time I walk by it.

Sucks to hear man! Can you pm me about the gauge cluster swap? I've got a few questions about it an i really want to do it. Thanks!

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Sort've a mini-update. Just today my Sport passed the 100k mark. I've had it for about 3 years now and ~15k miles. It's been amazing so far, with this truck taking me on roadtrips, getting me through school and work, meeting tons of new people, turning heads whenever possible and so, so much more. As cheesy as it is to say, it's sorta become a part of "me." And obviously I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun without the support and ideas of this forum.


Give or take a month or two, I've got some BIG plans in store and its too late to turn back!! ;)

Finally did it. Biggest mod to date and this one feels the best. I bit the bullet and lifted her up. I bought brand new 4 door leaf springs online and installed a 3 inch body lift. Add to that some 33x12.50 BFGoodrich All Terrains on some American Racing 15x8s and you have a monster. Gotta say its pretty fun driving the truck now, it just... floats. I can even see way above other cars and trucks now. The new leafs make the rear sit about 1" higher, giving it a little rake, which I love. There was a smidge of rubbing, but I think I took care of most of it. The only thing I need to finish is lifting the rear bumper. The front came up pretty easily, but I didn't have enough time to look at the back. I'm definitely gonna take some better pics for tomorrow, but I just wanted to get something up for now.


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The better pics I promised.


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Nice Job! Front bumper looks great too. Best Mod yet.

It's been pretty much a photobomb lately but I got some final shots of the truck after some odds and ends have been taken care of. I got the rear bumper lifted up as well so all is swell and dandy there. The other things I've taken care of is undercoating the carriage and everything you would see now that the truck sits about 4" higher and spraying the fog light covers with Duplicolor Metalcast yellow to give it a distinctive look at night as well. I've been having a great time lately, just need to see some mud and action!


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I got a little excited on my last trip to the junkyard when I found a pristine armrest for my truck, the kind that almost always seem to snap when a little bit of pressure is applied. Well, after I cleaned it up, I put it on and I couldn't be any happier. It came off a '92 or '93 Explorer but color-wise matches the truck perfectly, seats and all. Crap camera pics as usual, but you'll see what I mean. Super duper happy on this one and I'll be careful not to snap this one like 90% of these.


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A little bit overdo, but a little less than a month ago, I packed up the bags and took a trip to Indianapolis for their annual 4 Wheel and Off-Road Jamboree. There were hundreds and maybe even a thousand trucks everywhere with people driving in from everywhere to attend. It was a pretty awesome and relaxing weekend to enjoy loud trucks, mud and fun. In between watching events, I got to see so many awesome trucks and even had a few people check out my truck which was one of only two lifted Explorers there. It gave a lot of people ideas and a couple of people told me they may give lifting their Explorer a shot! If only I had a dime for every time someone told me they never even considered that truck lifted or actually taking it off-road. Many said an Explorer would let them still wheel while having a family much better than a Ranger or F150. I really opened some people's eyes. Another cool thing is that I got to do some serious forum representation there especially during their cruise that I participated in. Some people even knew about this site! All in all it was super fun and I can't wait for next year. I took tons of photos but these are the ones that work.


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And from said jamboree, I got some really cool stickers and souvenirs for the truck too cause what truck is complete without stickers???


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While the brutal Midwest storms were raging outside, I used this weekend to finish another much need project. Luckily this is just as much of a mod as a repair. Powerstop cross-drilled and slotted rotors up front with Wagner Thermo-Quiet ceramic brake pads and just the Thermo-Quiet ceramics in back. The rotors up front may have been the originals which is pretty terrifying considering half of the rotor surface was rusted and what was left of the shiny part was rusted and pitted. They were bad!! Still have them around so I could grab a pic. We'll just have to wait and see how these things work.


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Very Cool Varsity, and glad you doing ok. Storms were bad. Let us know how u like the rotors. Had another set of discontinued slotted Brembo rotors I installed this year along with the Wagner Thermo Quiet Ceramics also. Had a stuck caliper and destroyed one of the Cross Drilled Brembo's I had installed a few years back.

Obligatory Saturday snow funtime pictures...


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Oh boy its been awhile. Not a whole lot has changed or happened with the truck besides regular maintenance and lots of driving. The truck mustered through the worst winter we've had in years and I couldn't be happier. Even had a few days where temperatures got to -50! Not to mention all the snow really put the BFG's to the test. Impressive to say the least, but between a DieHard Platinum battery and a Mobil 1 full synthetic oil change, focus has been on life and keeping the truck running flawlessly.

Seeing as things are settling down, I do have some fun in store...


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Spent some much needed time on the truck and had a bit of fun. I went ahead and put an add-a-leaf in the rear and did a very slight TT as well. Not sure if the TT did much but whatever. The truck sits up a bit higher and all is well :)

The other major mod was the addition of a 4.10 LS in the rear. I know people on here swear by 4.56 or more but for $50 and a trip to the junkyard, I came home with an axle from a '98 XLT with tow package. The better gearing is sure appreciated and the limited slip should prove useful soon as well ;)

Very happy and productive weekend!


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New update time!

About a week ago, I ordered the BBK 66mm throttle body that alot of people on this site swear by. Got it for $190 shipped to my door and immediately put it on. Can't say its a world of difference, but there's definitely a difference! Throttle response is slightly improved and I there seems to be a slight increase at WOT. All in all a very happy investment!

And for the first time in the 5ish years I've had the truck, I finally took it to an off-road park. I wasn't really expecting much, from either the park or the truck but they both really surprised me! The park was crazy, even their "easy" trail. Terrible ruts that can swallow a truck up, crazy inclines, creeks and hills and mud galore. It was pretty dry there though so I did have that working for me but further in by the creek had some mud. I really put my new axle set-up to work and can honestly say that my truck kicked butt out there. I may have accidentally went down some more advanced 4X4 courses resulting in some butt-puckering moments but all in all the truck shined through and took whatever beating I took it through. A good 6 hours of wheeling then the 80 mile ride home at 75mph averaging 22 mpg with the AC on. Not bad!


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Looks good. I miss hitting the trails in mine. The sports do well offroad. You'll be addicted now.

Looks good. I miss hitting the trails in mine. The sports do well offroad. You'll be addicted now.

Yup, i think I've caught the bug.

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