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January 4, 2014
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1996 Ford Ranger 4x4
Picked up a nice looking 96 Ranger Supercab automatic 4x4 4L for cheap. Truck was 1 owner but sat for several years after owner died. It had numerous problems; engine missed, terrible vibration over 45, lots of electrical problems, and leaks underneath.
Got most everything fixed..bad vibration over 45 was caused by a tire full of water. Replaced power steering pump, rear main seal and front and back seals in tranny.
Trans shifts fine, motor runs great but have 2 problems...tranny still leaks and have a vibration. Truck starts to vibrate immediately upon moving..vibrates in all gears including neutral if kicked out of gear going down the road, at all speeds under a load or not..easy to feel if going up a steep grade under light throttle, just enough to make it move forward.

all wheels were balanced and center bearing replaced..does not vibrate sitting still in park or neutral...doesn't vibrate in drive with foot on brake and engine revved..
my only thought:rangerred: at this point is the torque converter...could the converter be the cause of the vibration AND the leak? I have to pay to have **** done because I'm 81 yrs old in not such good shape so I hate to have the tranny pulled again unless I'm pretty sure of what's wrong..

Any help you guys can give to this old crip would be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like drive shaft vibration. Check all U-joints and phasing.

The relationship of each U-joint to another on a driveshaft. Normally the U-joints are in "phase" when the yokes at each end of a driveshaft are 90 degrees (+) relative to each other.

the u-joints are in phase...slip joint works easily

A tire that is out of round will cause vibration, and balancing won't fix it. Some tires have hard spots in the casing which cause vibration also. There is a special tire machine for checking all tire problems, many dealers have them, Called Road Force. An out of balance rotor or drum will cause this also. You sure the drive shaft is not bent? My opinion a bad converter would vibrate in neutral or make noise, if it was slipping when driving the OD light would flash indicating a trans problem.