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Where could my coolant leak/issue be?


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December 29, 2014
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2000 Ford Explorer
I had my water pump replaced the other day because of a bad leak I had right in the middle of my engine. After having that replaced which I know was done right I developed a new leak towards the passenger. It seems to be leaking down the front passenger side frame and all over the passenger side control arm. It sat for 24 hrs with cardboard under it and no visible leaks. I went to crank it up today and it started leaking again in the same area. I have heat and my system pressurizes. Also, my engine is not overheating. There is no coolant running down the side of my engine or in front of it. However, I did see coolant trailing on the side seam of my oil pan on the passenger side but I could tell it was originating from somewhere else. I have seen a wet spot or 2 on my radiator fins. Coolant at this point doesn't seem to be getting very low or low at all. I also have no coolant in my oil, or oil in my coolant. Also, this leak location was not present with the old leaky water pump. New leak and new location. I tried to explain the best I could. If you need clarification let me know. My vehicle is a 2000 Ford Explorer AWD 5.0

Slight freeze plug leak? ... or maybe pinhole leak in heater core hose

Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention as I was told none of the freeze plugs are leaking or pushed out. A pinhole leak in heater hose is possible. Also, I put some K-seal in my radiator to hopefully seal up any holes/cracks and unfortunately, it didn't work at least that's what it seems so far. I'm stuck on the radiator. Wet spots on the radiator are closest to the driver's side. But the leak is more on the passenger side!