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Wiring Help!!!


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September 18, 2004
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Carrollton, GA
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'96 sport 4x4
I just picked up a Pioneer DEH-P3600 from CC today. I had to replace the sony that was a PIECE. But the wires from the new HU are labeled but i just dont know which wire goes where. I got the speaker wires hooked up but not to sure bout the others. Do i just match them up or what?? Does any one have a wire diagram for a 96?
From Hu
Red - ACC
Or/white- ILL
Blue/white- Remote

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Thanks Gimp
this helped out alot

ok well i got it hooked up but no sound

check the speaker connections probably got wires mixed up. You did'nt cut your factory wires did you? Please say you used an install kit that just plugs into your factory harness.

Connect the remote wire from your factory amp to the remote wire on your HU or run an amp bypass kit.

Well i got it to work after taking a break and coming back to it later. Im stupid, i didnt have the remote hooked up.

No i didnt use a kit and no i didnt cut the factory wires. I used the harness that was used on the sony HU that i took out and just cut the end off it and wired in the new HU. Why? It should be ok shouldnt it??

hes talking about cuttign the factory wires and splicing in the new wires. there's nothing wrong with doing that, just makes the process irreversable shoudl you want to sell the truck.... what you did was fine..... and the problem that husky mentioned about the amp wire not being hooked up is the #1 problem that most people have when they hook up a new stereo... they dont know about the amp wire or the amp bypass kit thats available... i got an amp bypass kit, and the sound my headunit was able to push out was incredible.... the stock amp just made everyhting not as clear and the sound was muddy

what kind of kit would i need to get? where could i get one? And how hard would it be to bypass it?
My sound sounds better now with the new HU but still isnt the best. Next couple of weeks i will prob be installing components so maybe that will help the sound to.