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For Sale 2002 lightly modified explorer

Discussion in 'Used Ford Explorer - Ranger and all other Vehicles' started by flowbeto, January 4, 2018.

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    1. flowbeto

      flowbeto Elite Explorer

      August 4, 2011
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      2002 explorer
      Hey guys,
      I would like someone to save my old machine from the scrapyard. I had it for 10 years and it got me through some tough times. Long and short...
      3:73 gears with rebuilt limited slip
      Jasper trans with 50k (no problems)
      Transfer case no problems
      Rancho +1" struts 4 corners
      Spacer lifting plates 4 corners +1"
      Extended swaybar links F&R
      Duratrac 265/70/17 about 40% with multiple plugs
      Brakes: I spent $600 on pads and rotors, (parts cost) 4 corners, I believe they were all Hawk
      2" trailer hitch rear
      2" hitch front. Receiver was changed from under slung to over slung. It protrudes slightly thru the lower part of the bumper, then I covered with the license plate. Works great and doesn't affect ground clearance.
      Weather tech mats F&R
      Engine is locked up IMG_2742.JPG IMG_2743.JPG
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    3. Mountymaniac

      Mountymaniac New Member

      January 29, 2018
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      Berkeley springs, Wv.
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      2005 mountaineer 4.6L
      Where are you and how much do you want?

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