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j602's 2wd Beast

My name's Josh and I live in Dothan, Alabama. I've owned the truck since November, 2003. It's a 1992 Ford Explorer XLT 2WD. I started with basic upgrades and modifications like new paint, clear corners, tires, and wheels. It then turned into a constant work in progress resulting in what it is now.

It's curent state:



Black metallic paint
Longtek brush guard
35x12.5" Dunlop Mud Rovers
15x8 Rock Crawler 97's
Sylvania Silverstar 9004 headlight bulbs
Clear corners
SRB 6" fogs
Taillight guards
Removed front valence/license plate holder
Custom shorty antenna
4' fiberglass CB antenna with custom mount on T/L guard
Herc'd door jambs
Bedliner'd rockers
Cut front bumper, bedlinered both
Painted grille
Curt Class III hidden hitch


All-Weather floor mats
Leather steering wheel cover
Pioneer DEH-6500 head unit
Infinity Reference 5x7's in doors
(2) Infinity Reference 10's in a sealed enclosure
LA 1000W Amp
Uniden PRO538W CB

Front -
Custom SAS with HP Dana 30 from a Jeep YJ set up for spring over axle
BTF YJ SOA perches
Pro Comp 2.5" lifted YJ springs
BTF shackles
Warrior spring and shackle hangers
Custom hanger mounts
F-250 shock towers
Rancho RS5000's
Rough Country drop pitman arm
BTF crossover steering bracket with DOM links and heim joints
2" Slanted Body Lift

Rear -
Spring over axle with weld on perches
Warrior shackles
2" Tapered Blocks
Pro Comp ES3000 shocks on swaybar brackets
Homemade swaybar extensions
Relocated brake line with custom bracket


4wd transmission swap with electric transfer case that is now manual
KKM open element filter
Flowmaster Cat-back with Original 40 Series swapped in
Single Magnaflow high flow cat
Summit Manual Cutout after Y pipe
EGR delete
Motive 4.56 gears w/ Mobil 1 synthetic gear lube
Powertrax No-Slip locker
Skyjacker SS brake lines

What it was:




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IFS 4wd.

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dang every midsize 4wd chevy makes/ made has had ifs :fart: :rolleyes: ....whens that one getting sased ???

Got a few updates. My transmission died, again. Surprize, surprize. So, I put in a "new" one. A 4wd one. :D Got a tranny and t-case from chillymoose, and put them in last week. I'm closer than ever to 4wd. Had to get a 4wd driveshaft to bolt up the the t-case. I also got my 2" tapered blocks in. The truck sits pretty much level now.

After blocks.


T-case and d-shaft.

D-shaft and blocks. You can see the improved pinion angle here.

Up next is probably to lengthen the rear shaft, maybe AAL's all around, hopefully new tires and rims, and gear the front to match, which means 4wd.

did you end up with a manual tcase? its looking pretty badass now

Thanks. Nah, I got a killer deal on the tranny/case combo and it was electric, so I went ahead and got it. By the time the front end is ready I should have a manual.

remove the motor, throw it on a hard surface(driveway or sidewalk works well) and take the metal gear out.... then all you have to do is reach under and engage 4wd by hand. thats what i do. no electrics, and alot cheaper than getting a manual case around here. sometimes you have to push a tire with your foot to rock the truck a little bit and then, "click"... you'll feel it go.

don't be dumb like me and weld the socket on backwards. but i dont even use the ratchet anyway. its easy enough to do it by hand and not hassle with a wrench.

I dont have that big bulky harmonic balancer thing on anymore either and i cant tell a difference. I think you have to remove it to get to the motor, and i was just to lazy to put mine back on.

hahaha whatever works, I have seen alot of manual shift e shift t cases to date, all of them use a different method

I vote skip the add a leafs, they ruin your ride way too stiff
Is that D shaft installed upside down, doesnt really matter if its not a double cardigan type

The AAL's would most likely be for the front. There's no front swaybar, so AAL's would stiffen the packs and provide less sway.

The d-shaft: The flanges are different on each end. It can only be installed one way.

Yeah, I know about shifting the t-case with pliars/and or by hand. I'll most likely just do that since I won't be using 4wd that often anyway. That's what my beater is for. Haha, yeah I didn't know why the fawk there was a huge balancer on there. It's not even bolted down tight, so I'll probably leave it off when I remove the motor.

Thanks for the heads up Aric.

Oh, and to the answer the question a few posts above: The Luv will be getting either Toy axles or a Chevy 44 and 12 bolt in the near future. :D

Fees are gonna kill you bro! Hope it sells high though, hit me up if you need a bail out bid. lol