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j602's 2wd Beast

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My name's Josh and I live in Dothan, Alabama. I've owned the truck since November, 2003. It's a 1992 Ford Explorer XLT 2WD. I started with basic upgrades and modifications like new paint, clear corners, tires, and wheels. It then turned into a constant work in progress resulting in what it is now.

It's curent state:



Black metallic paint
Longtek brush guard
35x12.5" Dunlop Mud Rovers
15x8 Rock Crawler 97's
Sylvania Silverstar 9004 headlight bulbs
Clear corners
SRB 6" fogs
Taillight guards
Removed front valence/license plate holder
Custom shorty antenna
4' fiberglass CB antenna with custom mount on T/L guard
Herc'd door jambs
Bedliner'd rockers
Cut front bumper, bedlinered both
Painted grille
Curt Class III hidden hitch


All-Weather floor mats
Leather steering wheel cover
Pioneer DEH-6500 head unit
Infinity Reference 5x7's in doors
(2) Infinity Reference 10's in a sealed enclosure
LA 1000W Amp
Uniden PRO538W CB

Front -
Custom SAS with HP Dana 30 from a Jeep YJ set up for spring over axle
BTF YJ SOA perches
Pro Comp 2.5" lifted YJ springs
BTF shackles
Warrior spring and shackle hangers
Custom hanger mounts
F-250 shock towers
Rancho RS5000's
Rough Country drop pitman arm
BTF crossover steering bracket with DOM links and heim joints
2" Slanted Body Lift

Rear -
Spring over axle with weld on perches
Warrior shackles
2" Tapered Blocks
Pro Comp ES3000 shocks on swaybar brackets
Homemade swaybar extensions
Relocated brake line with custom bracket


4wd transmission swap with electric transfer case that is now manual
KKM open element filter
Flowmaster Cat-back with Original 40 Series swapped in
Single Magnaflow high flow cat
Summit Manual Cutout after Y pipe
EGR delete
Motive 4.56 gears w/ Mobil 1 synthetic gear lube
Powertrax No-Slip locker
Skyjacker SS brake lines

What it was:




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It's pain in the arse to get that thing off. :p I think it kind of looks good chrome. I dunno, if I get bored one day, I'll probably do it.

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Got a couple updates. Slapped some black on the side trim piece, so it's now almost completely "stealthified". I'm thinking of redoing the rockers with the liner I used on the bumpers. Here's how it looks now with the trim blacked:


Oh, and one more little detail. This *****'ll be going solid shortly. :D Got my axle a few days ago, and it looks to be in pretty good shape. Here are my plans for the SAS: get it under the truck ASAP, then when I'm ready to actually use it (still 2wd), I'll either regear it or swap out the D30 for a 44. Depends on the money situation. Basically I'm just trying to get the axle under the truck and get my spring set up. It will be probably be actively 4wd when my tranny goes out, after which I will replace with a 4wd version/transfer case. I hope to have the swap done by Christmas.

Why I'm going with a Dana 30 and leaves - Dana 30 is cheap and the same width and bolt pattern as the truck. Leaves are cheap and easy. Money is the key here.Parts going into the swap -

Axle - Jeep YJ Dana 30 SOA shackle back
Steering - Hopefully use the stock equipment, upgrade to crossover later
Springs - Stock YJ with AAL, mildly lifted YJ's, or stock Waggy's
Shocks - RS 5000's with F-250 shock towers
Shackles - Stock YJ
Brake lines - current extended SS lines (should bolt up the D30 calipers)
Custom front crossmember for hangers probably from 2x3 box tubing, hangers from discountjeepparts.com
Keep current wheel/tire setup, upgrade to 37's later with more lift.
I hope to keep the front at current height with a possible added 1-2".
I plan to do minor maintenance on the axle: turn rotors, new pads, new bearings seals, and paint.

That's about it for now, I'll update as I make progress. Almost forgot the pic of the axle.

Hahaha, yeah, I'm gonna blow right past him. Of course that won't take much. At the rate he's going, he'll be done by Christmas '08. :D

Oh, and damn you, and your avatar line.

speaking of avatars... what the hell happened to yours? :p

***s. I made it in P-shop. I think it looks bad because it's so small. It's the charcoal effect/black and white.

Screw you guys, I'm goin' home.


So your post says you'll do the SAS asap. What time frame are you shooting for? That's gonna be sweet.

j602 said:
I hope to have the swap done by Christmas.

;) I'm getting some of the parts I need as presents, so that's when I'll be able to finish it. I'm going to mildly rebuild the axle, paint it, and get the front crossmember/hangers made and mounted now, then actually put the axle in after all the parts are here.

BeauJ said:
Nice. Your project is going faster than Bryan's by far :thumbsup:
*cough cough* Screw you (and Josh too)! :p

I bet it'll be nice though. Then you won't have an excuse for not being at the Crozet, VA run. ;)

Got a few updates. Pretty much all my parts are in (I'll actually have most of them after Christmas day though), and I got some work done on the axle. All the brake parts are off, the rotors are turned, and the calipers painted. Within the next couple days, I'll be putting in new pads, wire wheeling the axle down, welding the new perches on, and painting. After that I'll be making the front crossmember for the hangers, then after Christmas will be teardown and actual swapping of the axle.

Some pics of the rotors and calipers -


All the current parts are the same as the aforementioned list except for the springs, which are now Pro Comp 2.5" lifted YJ springs. Hopefully, it won't sit too much higher than it does now, but if it does, I plan on compensating for it with 1 or 2" blocks in the back. I also need to get my driveshaft extended sometime soon. I'll post pics with progress over the next few days.

everyone is gonna have a solid axle on this site except for me... ugh.. i hate you all. j/k lookin good so far.

Haha, well I may have a solid axle, but at least you have 4wd. :D Thanks man.

Got a question for you guys: What's a good way to figure shackle angle with no wieght on the springs? I figured I would put the shackle mount to where the shackle was a little offset from 90 degrees, say 80 or so with no weight, and about 45 degrees(what I believe to be the optimum angle) with the weight of the vehicle on the springs.

Does this sound feasable?

why are you going leafs instead of coil springs? wouldt it be easier to hook up some radius arms and hook in your coils? i know little to nothing about this.. so i probly sound like an ass. but i'm just curious.

Well, basically, I love the simplicity of leaves. Always been a fan of them, so that's what I decided to go with. It's just leaf springs, shackles, and an axle. No radius arms, trac bars, links, anything. The leaves locate and suspend the axle at once, cutting out a lot of extra work, as well as parts.

From the research I've done, leaves actually seem to the be the easier and more cost effective choice for an SAS. There are varying and differing opinions, but that's mine.

Plus, you can usually lift leaves way higher than coils. :D

Leaf springs are great. I don't think manufacturers would use them as much as they do if they weren't. :thumbsup:

one more question, how do you know that the leaves will be setup right, so that the axle will be straight and all. i'm just curious because ONE DAY, i will put something not so independant under my truck and i'm starting to explore the possibilities.

What do you mean the axle will be straight? It's all in measuring. I plan to mount my front crossmember first as a reference point for everything else. The crossmember will be as long as the outside edges of the spring perches on the axle, with the hangers mounted on each end of the crossmember. I'll then mount the crossmember centered on the frame a certain distance from the frame ends. I'll then relate the shackle hangers directly from the front crossmember, set outside the frame the same amount as the front hangers. They'll be set enough distance away front to back from the hangers as needed according to the shackle angle.

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i meant alligned, so that the truck wouldnt pull one way or the other. so as long as all your measurements are correct it should be ok?
<---idiot... you can ignore me now.