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Would i need a Cancler and/or relay harness for a 1995 ford explorer HID kit?

Discussion in 'Performance Lighting' started by v10gta, March 31, 2013.

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  1. v10gta

    v10gta New Member

    March 31, 2013
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    1995 Explorer XLT
    This is my first thread on here, Anyways Would i need a Canceler and/or relay harness for a 1995 ford explorer HID kit?
    I found a hid kit on http://hidnation.com/9007hidkits.html
    Would i need a relay and/or canceler? Since im a student i need to save money so yeah. I have the basic headlight bulbs in there right now. I was thinking about getting this too

    Right now the housing on my driver side headlight has water in it and i have no idea how to clean it. I just need to save money but i really want to do this hid conversion if its under 60 bucks.
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  3. DjDom

    DjDom Moderator Emeritus

    September 11, 2011
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    Toronto, Ontario
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    97 XL(imited)
    Most new HID conversions are plug and play. The ballasts have wires running to the original headlamp plug and then a wire to the battery.

    However, do not put HIDs in the stock halogen housings, please. You will blind everyone on the road.

    And, the water inside your headlamp. Just take the lamp off, and use a blow dryer aimed inside. Should get rid of the water.

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