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  1. E

    2002 Explorer XLT no start

    Hey y’all! So I’m at a loss and hoping you guys can help! I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L V6 with around 195,000 miles on it. Truck was running great! My wife ran across town(5 miles roughly) to get the in laws and on her way home she stopped at a red light and when she went to take off the...
  2. R

    Lift kit Higher than 6”

    Okay as some of you may know, 6” is tops for these things. A.K.A. a 3” Body lift and a 3” Spacer lift with Btf uppers. Has anyone thought of any way to get more lift in the front end? For example you can Lower the upper control arm by about 2 inches if you bolt the brackets on upside down. Im...
  3. A

    SOLVED - No fuel pumping!

    I recently purchased a 2002 Sport Trac as a project. It had sat for some time and could not start. I knew I would need to take the engine out, but I did some work first and was able to get it to fire (though only for a moment before shutting it off). NOW I have taken the engine out, made...
  4. R

    Brake shift interlock replacement

    I'm trying to replace my brake shift interlock on my car and this is what I was given at the parts shop, but the second pic is what is in my car. I feel like I'm trying to replace the wrong item? Or they gave me the wrong part? Or are these the same thing/different look?
  5. R

    2002 Explorer rocks side to side real bad! Help!

    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT with a 3” body lift, 3” suspension lift, and 35 in tires. My explorer has started to rock real bad side to side going 65+ after every bump. I have extended beefed up sway bar links front and rear, I replaced my rear struts and that made it go away for about a...
  6. T

    02 Exp XLT High Beam

    Good day, fine folks! High beams not working in 2002 Ford Explorer XLT. All the other functions of the multi-function switch are working. Checked fuses, and relays identified in manual. The #49 relay is clicking when high beam switch on MFS is activated. No power to the #46 20a fuse at any...
  7. S

    2002 Expo cooling system boiling and OD OFF light flashing

    I am having some issues with my 02 Expo, 4.0L v6. First, some background. I bought it last April (so ~16 months ago) and it had a thermostat housing leak. Not a big one, so I didn't get around to fixing it until a few months ago. In that time I drove the truck thousands of KM without an issue...
  8. E

    2003 4.6L 281ci 2V Aluminum Block

    A couple months ago I sold my 2002 Mustang Gt, I had swapped the engine for a 2003 4.6L to have the aluminum block. I pulled it in 2 hours and had it torn down the next day, the engine had roughly 182xxx. I had replaced as much as my wallet would let me haha, new piston rings, new valves, new...
  9. H

    2002 ex sport 2 door rocker panel help.

    I cant not find rocker panels for the out side because mine have rusted out and the bottom plastic trim piece is barley being held up. I have a 2002 ford explorer sport 2 door. Any help should I just buy slip ons and cut them to fit since it will be hidden anyway. Has anyone worked on this car...
  10. L

    2002 Explorer Auto Lamps Problem

    hello, I hope you are well, I have a problem with my automatic lamps, when I put the switch of the lights in automatic position my lights turn on but never turn off being daytime unless the ignition is shut off after 30 seconds the lights off, I checked Fuses but all are good, someone has...
  11. R

    2002 Explorer Limited 03/02 rear glass gas lift

    I am searching for the proper replacement lift for my explorer. I think they were replaced once and tired of hitting my head on the glass. (I'm 5ft11in tall) fully extended 19.25 in, 18.5 center to center. Seems to be a few options and looking for the best replacement. Thanks, Jack
  12. A

    2002 into 2005 transmission swap

    I have a 2005 ford explorer xlt 4.0 v6 4x4 automatic with a 5r55s transmission that is blown. I have found a possible donor, a 2002 ford explorer 4.0 v6 4x4 automatic with a 5r55s transmission as well. I am assuming it can be swapped but I am not 100% sure. I have heard that there is a...
  13. C

    Explorer doesn't crank

    My sister drove her car to work parked it and turned it off, hours later after work she got back into her car went to start it up, the lights worked, the radio works, the engine didn't turn over, replaced the starter and starter solenoid (both 1 piece) with new parts, still didn't turn over...
  14. O

    4R55 transmission p0775 error AJ1E OD servo fix?

    Hello, I'm posting to get fresh replies and to see if using the AJ1E OD servo replacement actually works. I have a 2002 ford explorer 4L v6 225K ish miles. Now getting a p0775 error, flashing OD light, 1-2 shifting delay/flair. I've read about the housing wear around the OD servo shaft and...
  15. doug625

    Light scrapping/rubbing noise

    Light scrapping/rubbing noise on my 02 xls more noticeable when turning left but still there when driving straight. Noise is definitely from the right rear, it's not a wheel bearing issue, that was just replaced. Here's the interesting part, it's intermittent, i can go 50 miles and not hear it...
  16. F

    Help with TS, Ford sport trac wheels locking up when I brake in drive position?

    Hey, so i looked around and found a few good information relating to this, but didn't find much about this specific problem that had hardly any replies so what happened was my gf was driving, coming to a stop and soon as she hit the brake the car abruptly stopped, tires screeching kinda stop...
  17. E

    CB Radio Install

    So recently I just installed a cb into my 02 Ex. I wasn’t able to find very many threads on here about installing one but I believe I have a good write up. The hood channel mount, coax cable, and antenna were ordered on Amazon with Prime. They all are Firestik brand. I will post more pics of...
  18. B

    Electronics Delay After startup

    Hello, I have a 2002 ford explorer XLT 4.6. After starting up my vehicle there is about a 10 second delay before any of the cab electronics work. This includes windows, radio, wipers. I replaced the ignition switch but it didn't have any effect. Any ideas?
  19. T

    2002 Explorer 4x4 not working

    Hey guys I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I just bought this 2002 Explorer XLT. So I noticed while driving it the 4x4 high light blinks 8 times every so many minutes. If I put it into 4x4 high I hear no noise to sound like it is engaging. On a flat gravel road if I hit the gas to...
  20. 2

    What to salvage from a parts car?

    Hi there, I just picked up a 2002 XLT 4x4 4L with high mileage and a blown head gasket to harvest body parts from. I know there must be a number of interior and exterior parts that are prone to breaking and would cost a small fortune to replace. I'd like to know what parts I should hang on to...
  21. M

    Canister Vent Solenoid Location

    Hey guys and gals, I have a 2002 Explorer Sport Trac, with code P1451. It is an emissions thing and a little research says it is either a faulty circuit to the Canister Vent Solenoid (CVS) or a bad CVS. My Questions is: Where is this damn thing located, and how can I fix it to get rid of the...
  22. P

    3rd gen transfer case removal how to

    I couldn't find Anything on the 3rd Gen. Transfer case removals. Or the Borg Warner 4411. So I made a quick video as i was doing mine. hopefully this helps somebody.:burnout:
  23. M

    No start

    2002 Explorer Happened suddenly. Pulled into my driveway, shut off vehicle before realizing I had to roll up windows. Turned key forward, and all electricity cut out. Keeping key inserted without turning, I have very limited electricity: car beeps with car door open, power outlet works, THEFT...
  24. C

    2002 4.6 engine swap

    this is my first post on this site. Hi everyone. I came across a 2002 Explorer with a 4.6. Only 150k on it. It was allowed to run dry, no water, and the top end is blown. Metal chips in the pan also. I want to replace rather than rebuild at this point and am finding that this vehicle may have...
  25. Z

    2002 X o2 wiring diagram

    2002 Ford Explorer 4.6l and my passenger side o2 connector was melted and the replacement bwd pt5525 does not have the same wire or colors. So Im looking a way to connect the factory grey/red, red/white, grey/Lt blue, and red/yellow wires to the replacement o2 pigtail plug in connector. Photos...