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first gen

  1. N

    5 Speed Explorer?

    Hello everyone, I just joined and this is my first post. About a year and a half ago I bought an old 1976 F-250 pickup and the guy that sold it to me gave me a 1992 Explorer 4x4 with it for free. I decided to take it because why not, its a free car. I didn't really think it was cool or special...
  2. JSWarrell

    How to: Fuel Vapor Line Repair (EVAP)

    So this is more of a "How I did it" rather than a How-to, but I decided to fully document my repair as I found no info on this before. I don't know how helpful this will be for 91-92 owners, but I'm guessing the only real difference in the systems is that the vapor canister is in a slightly...
  3. R

    Intake gaskets or starter?

    Hey everyone my weird starting problem when cold has unfortunately returned I have a 1993 Ford Explorer XLT with the 4.0 OHV, new iac valve new fuel pump and filter cleaned the maf sensor, after replacing the fuel pump this problem went away for a week and now it's back it turns over just fine...
  4. R

    HELP!!! Rain water is leaking into my 1993 Ford Explorer

    Hey everyone I have a 1993 Ford explorer xlt that leaks rain water in the passenger floor bourd and the headliner all around the windshield gets wet and the sunroof and the too back cargo glass windows leak so basically everything that I can think of is leaking and it gets soaked every time it...
  5. Kiliona

    Cummins First Gen Build Thread (no really)

    Hello Everyone! I’ve been a member of this forum for a long time – apparently since 2013. However, in recent years I haven’t been spending as much time here unfortunately due to neglecting my exploder. Well the exploder is back and its finally time for me to post a build thread! Most...
  6. Exploring XLT

    Is one 10" sub good enough?

    Hey I have a line on a cheap 10" Pioneer sub and amp, can you guys let me know if they will be enough bass for my first gen four door Explorer? Amp is 800 peak 400 RMS, sub is 700 peak 350 RMS. Subwoofer: TS-W255C|DVC - Amplifier: GM-D7400M - Class-D Mono Amplifier with 800 Watts Max. Power
  7. C

    LED headlights (92 sport) (Success)

    I know if I ask about led headlights, people will tell me why not to use them. But has anybody retrofitted the housings to accommodate an LED bulb or is there a housing that works with the first gens.
  8. E

    High highway rpms A4LD

    Hi all, I just purchased an a 91 explorer. unfortunately it will not shift into its either 4th or OD gear. Yes, there are other threads on this just saying to replace solenoid but I believe this explorer is stuck in 4x4. Does anyone know if being in 4 wheel limits the transmission to 1-3...
  9. E

    Early 4.0 into a Second Gen Explorer

    I've already searched around in the threads and can't find anyone who's mentioned doing this. I'm building a 4.0 that came from a 93 Sport to put into my 97 XLT. I've noticed the block casting is different, specifically for the motor mount bolts. Has anyone swapped an early 4.0 into a second...
  10. J

    Second Gen Mirrors on a First Gen

    So i've looked all over and i can't find it on here, but can i put the second gen heated mirrors on my 1992 i know they look the same but are they direct bolt on and what is the deal with wiring? I already have power mirrors but they're super faded and im looking to replace them anyways. Thank...
  11. J

    Door handles

    So I have my 1992 explorer 4 door and a couple of the exterior door handles are broken and they're all faded and I was just wondering if the second Gen metal handles would bolt right in. I'd much rather have the metal than the plastic but wanna know before I buy then. Any help would be much...
  12. J

    Speedometer is crazy

    Alright so my 1992 explorer isn't super moded but it is running a little bit bigger tires 30x9.5 so I thought I'd put it here. But on my way to school I hit a bad pot hole at about 60mph or so and for a split second the rear abs light came on it kicked the radio out for a sec and now my...
  13. J

    Brake Light and Rear Abs Light!!!

    So here about a month ago, i got in a small accident, rear ended someone only screwed up my bumper. Right afterwards my brake light and rear abs light have came on and stay on, brakes work great. Master cylinder is full, float moves, replaced the rear abs sensor (only has one in the rear...
  14. A

    Any input on 1994 explorer for sale?

    New to the Forum I am going to look at a 1994 Explorer XLT 4x4 this weekend. I've done some searching around on here but was hoping for some insider knowledge from some long time owners on things I should be looking out for? Not looking for general car buying knowledge but first gen explorer...
  15. R

    Transmission Troubleshoot

    I have searched the transmission section without seeing an answer to this. So, if the information is in there, please post a link, not just "look at the sticky", because I already have. That said, if this hasn't been covered before, I'd be surprised. I had an overheating issue. Got a busted...
  16. C

    For Sale 1992 Explorer Sport

    I really don't want to sell this but I don't really drive it anymore no time(wife, 2 kids and 2 jobs now) and I think someone else would have more fun with it. I don't have it posted anywhere else yet I wanted to post it here first, since I have gotten so much from this site over the years...
  17. R

    Oxygen Sensor install help

    Ok, so I've been driving around with a check engine light on for like a year now, knowing that the drivers side oxygen sensor is causing the light to come on. So I finally got around to getting under there to change it a couple days ago and what do I find? The sensor is fine...but the wire has...
  18. E

    1992 4x4 Explorer no cold start and more....

    Thanks in advance, we are stumped.. 1992 Explorer 4x4 4.0 OHV Temperature dropped for the first time this winter, below 30 degrees, and she would not start. We are getting zero codes, Key on running or not....nada....zilch.... I checked everything, cleaned the IAC, replaced the IAT, the...
  19. Kiliona

    Fuel Issue I can't figure out, No CEL

    1992 Ford Explorer, XLT manual tranny, 4 L 3.73 gears stock etc etc New to posting, but I've Lurked here for a while, I've searched everywhere and I just can't figure this out. What's Wrong This problem only occurs when it is hot outside, and generally if not always after the engine is still...
  20. J

    auto to manual questions

    Hello, so i currently have a 92 explorer 306000 miles original auto. Well i hate autos and mines about shot so im putting in a manual. Im currently in the process of getting the parts together. I have the manual trans, which has the slave cylinder attached, clutch, pressure plate flywheel. so...
  21. N

    1993 Explorer Already lifted, looking for more. TTB questions

    Hey Guys! i looked around and couldnt find any threads similar to this or with the info i needed so here we go. I have a 1993 Ex with 31" duratracs and the Skyjacker 1.5-2 inch lift. I want to put the f150 spring seats under these coils and possibly go to a bigger tire. (my friend has a set of...
  22. N

    1993 ford explorer 2 inch lift, what backspacing for wheels?

    So I am soon going to be installing a 2 inch skyjacker lift kit with AAL rear and shackles, then coils in the front, and i have decided on 31x10.5x15 goodyear dura tracs for tires and then some pro comp 15x8 steelies, I'm wondering what backspacing i need and what exactly backspacing is. thanks...
  23. M

    Ford Explorer as a capable trail/climb rig?

    Okay guys I'll cut to the chase. I want a toy I can drive to the off-road park, beat on a little bit, and drive back home. I have a nice '99 explorer 4x4 as my "daddy ride" that my wife bought new and I can't bring myself to abuse it. So, I have been scouring Craigslist and all of the Jeep...
  24. T

    Wanted 1st gen Explorer grille

    I am looking to buy a 1991 explorer grille because the previous asshat owner painted the girlle rattlecan green and it's starting to chip. If anyone can help me out for cheap it'd be much appreciated! :)
  25. J


    I am getting a first gen ford explorer soon and would like to know if you guys know where i can find an off road/winch bumper for it also i would like to know any recommended parts for it i plan to lift it and make a nice 4x4 and daily driver. Thanks for any information