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  1. D

    FSA 20B19 Transmission Shift Hesitation

    I see that my 2020 Explorer has a Field Service Action: 20B19, "Transmission Shift Hesitation" Anyone have any insight as to what this is about?
  2. I

    Blown Transmission

    Transmission missing gear 1 and 2
  3. T

    Transmission swap from F-150 (6R60 to 6R80)

    Hey guys, I just got a 2006 4WD V8 Explorer for dirt cheap at an auction and the original transmission is totally shot. I'm thinking to swap in a used one and I'm finding that low mileage 6R80s from 09-10 F-150s are much cheaper and easier to find, plus it'd be a minor upgrade over the stock...
  4. J

    Help car wont start

    To give you some history. I have an explorer 2001 with 168k miles. I noticed O/D light flashing everytime I drove longer than 10 minutes or so. Then out of nowhere about 4 months after i first noticed the o/d light, I started it up and heard a bunch of noise in the engine so I parked it and...
  5. Z

    Ford Explorer Issues

    Hi, this is my first time posting to a car forum, sorry if I sound ignorant about cars or anything. I recently started having issues with my ford explorer, it is a 4.0L V6 4WD 1996 Ford Explorer. It started when I took my car home for the holidays, the transmission was slipping a little bit...
  6. Bender953

    2.3 Sport mode not downshifting

    I have a Limited with the 2.3 and notice when using sport mode you can accelerate fine but then while the truck slows down it acts like it is stuck in that gear. Does eventually downshift but hangs on for awhile. Anyone else noticing this?
  7. H

    99 exploreer trans issue

    so i went to pull out of my driver the other morning and as I was pulling out I felt a pop, now the truck acts like its constantly in neutral really need some help seeing how I don't really have any money to put into it right now. its a 99 Explorer 4.0 SOHC with an automatic trans. odometer says...
  8. W

    M5OD Clutch Release Bearing Replacement Hint...

    I just learned something about the hydraulic clutch system on my 96 Sport 5 speed manual and thought I would share it with everyone else. I'm sure there are those of you out there that already know this but if you run into the same situation I did this will help. A little over 3 years ago I...
  9. B

    Keeping My Explorer

    As I pulled onto a highway about a year ago, I thought the transmission slipped a little so I took it to a Ford dealer. They told me the transmission needed to be replaced. I ignored them and it's been running fine for over a year. Then one day it really did disengage entirely and I thought...
  10. F

    2007 Explorer Transmission "slams" when I hit the gas

    I got my son a really great Explorer for his first car that is in otherwise amazing shape. However, sometimes when I get on the gas a little bit, it "slams" into gear. I thought maybe it was an overdrive problem and started turning that off to see if it made a difference. Still slamming... Not...
  11. F

    Transmission help!! 5r55s shift solenoid?

    Hi I've got a 2006 explorer 4.0l that I cannot figure out what to do next. So it wont shift without giving it gas or waiting like 10 seconds. It has a hard time shifting up, it will just slip and slam into gear. I ran my code scanner on it and got a p0750 and p0760 shift solenoid codes. I went...
  12. F

    Transmission help!!

    Hi I've got a 2006 explorer 4.0l that I cannot figure out what to do next. So the thing started having shifting issue and the engine light came on and the the wrench icon as well. I used my code scanner and its giving me P0750 and P0760 which is shift solenoid A and C. So I went ahead and...
  13. 2

    4WD 5R55E Transmission Pan On 2WD 5R55E?

    Does the 4WD 5R55E deep pan bolt on to the 2WD 5R55E? I want to add a transmission fluid temperature sensor the next time I change my fluid. Any issues if I switch over to the deeper pan? I know I’ll have to use a longer filter too. I plan to use a pan with a drain bolt like this: Then...
  14. mfitz725

    99 Ltd sohc transmission problem

    HI everyone! This is on my 99 Limited SOHC 4X4 with (I believe) the 5r55e trans. Last Wednesday went to a neighboring city for a Dr appt (21 miles) Came to a couple of stoplights on the but didn't notice anything being wrong. Got to my last turn and waited for the light to change. When I...
  15. D

    Can I substitute "tags" when replacing transmission?

    the transmission is failing on my 13 XLT 2.0l ecoboost. The current transmission tag is DE9P-7000-LA. Ford seems to sell the same remanufactured replacement (or at least the same tag number EE9Z -7000-ARM) for many different transmissions, which leads me to wonder if there are other...
  16. C

    Re-build or just solenoids?! P0741 & P1741.

    Hi guys! First time posting here but I am a long time reader... let me give a little background into my situation. I bought my 2000 Ford Explorer Limited about 5 years ago with 150k. She currently is at 188k. I recently took a road trip about 2 hours out of town. When I got into town, I stopped...
  17. S

    Lost S/C bleeder screw inside transmission

    I opened the S/C bleeder screw and did not get any fluid flow, just the occasional small bubble. I removed the bleeder screw thinking it might be clogged. Found this clumpy white stuff clogging it up, and slowly coming out of bleeder screw port. I finally got fluid flow and went to put bleeder...
  18. N

    5r55e Transmission ?Wiring Issues?

    Hello Everyone! First time poster, would like to start with thanks for the add. I have 2004 Ford Sort Trac 4.0 2wd. Truck has very little response in reverse & drive, but has excellent pressure in 1st, 2nd and can be manually shifted to drive. The customer says he had an 2003 Explorer that had...
  19. S

    5R55E slipping out of first gear when warm

    I have a 5R55E transmission that has been slipping out of first gear, almost into neutral it seems, and I have to remove my foot from the gas, and let it clunk back into gear, then it's fine. It only will do this when the transmission fluid is warm, only once, then drive with no symptoms. Or if...
  20. C

    2010 sport trac shifts to reverse but slips under power.

    Hello all, Recently my '10 sport trac (the 4.0l engine) started acting up when in reverse. It shifts into gear fine and it rolls backward in gear fine (on flat ground when I release the brake it begins rolling backward like it's in gear) but when I try to give it any gas it slips and doesn't...
  21. T

    Failed transmission replaced with a reman unit - 2020 Limited with 2300 miles

    Just got my Explorer back today and studied the invoice this evening. I was told I was getting a new transmission but the ticket states replaced with a "reman unit". It burned up because the trans cooler was leaking but not bad enough to leave fluid on the ground or the rear window which kind...
  22. bikerchick4God

    Relationship between calipers and transmission

    Hey y’all. My SUV is a 94 Ex XLT 4.0L OHC 2WD 4DR 300,391 mi. The following symptoms presented on 3 occasions between May and Aug 2019 on roads with speed limits of 55 mph and under. steering pulls to the left; shakes some steering wheel drives 15° rt of center won’t shift into 4th gear...
  23. G

    2017 Transmission Issues

    Hi all, new member with a quick question. I have a 2017 Ford Explorer XLT (V6) with ~19,000 miles that started to leak transmission fluid from one of the hose seals. I took it to the dealer and they think that the line to the cooler is clogged or the solenoid is not working which caused the...
  24. W

    Reverse only works on flat ground

    Hi all, I have a 2006 Explorer XLT V6 AWD... Picked it up recently from a rear brake job and within a day or two of the work shifting into reverse became a hard drop, and it stopped backing up any level of incline. I can still reverse on flat ground, and everything else operates well. When...
  25. S

    Help with 5R55E transmission issues

    I have an Explorer Sport Trac with the 5R55E automatic transmission. It has been having some issues for a while which I am trying to repair completely. The issues I have are below. 1.) After transmission is warm and if I make a stop at the store and shut the truck off for maybe 15-45 minutes...