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  1. 2016 Ford Explorer Sport

    2016 Ford Explorer Sport

    Full Detail of Everything
  2. 2016 Ford Explorer Sport

    2016 Ford Explorer Sport

    Full Detail of Everything
  3. NickyB

    5th Generation Cleaning, Detailing, Waxing. #CleanCarDay - Show off your cleaned Ex

    I didn't see anything about the 5th Gen Ex and those who love to wash, detail, and wax it to show it off as we cruse down the road. The weather up here in the Northeast has been more than favorable and I've taken advantage to do my annual super in depth detail of my 2016 Ex. Feel free to show...
  4. M

    Defrost Control Issue

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong area. Anyways, the issue I'm having on my 2004 Explorer XLT 4.6 V8 is that when I turn my defrost control to either the floor, defrost/floor, or just defrost, NOTHING changes. I'm getting warm and cold air...
  5. M

    New to the forum/engine loping/trouble codes

    Hi, my name is Mark and I'm located outside of new orleans in louisiana. I recently picked up a 94 explorer eddie bauer edition for $300 bucks. the truck had misfires real bad when i got it, turned out the guy that changed the plugs and wires before me didn't have his wires going to the...
  6. B

    HVAC Issues

    I cannot seem to find reference to this issue anywhere else. For reference - I have an 08 XLT with Manual HVAC controls (no rear HVAC) Cold air blows out of a round hole(in the HVAC Case) in the drivers side floor boards area. This happens when the heat is on. First off - I replaced the...
  7. K

    91 explorer body and transmission/ 94 engine

    I got a used 94 explorer engine for my 91 explorer. The engine was incomplete, because the intake manifold didnt come with it; so i put my old 91 intake manifold on the 94 engine. Everithing bolted on right. Plugged up all electrical, but i didnt lable the vacuum hoses to where they go and join...
  8. G

    Disconnected vacuum component-identify

    Hi - I am trying to recover from an engine replacement in my 2002 Ford Explorer v6 performed by a shop that did a poor job. I found a vacuum component disconnected at the top and don't know what it is, don't where the line is (completely missing?), and don't where it's supposed to be...
  9. B

    85' BII Vacuum and TFI issues

    Just getting an 85 back on the road after about 13 years of almost no use. The two things I cant seem to get worked out are a vacuum leak and it seems to be running threw fuel way faster then it should. The vacuum leak is noticed when applying the brakes. The BII bogs down a bit and if the...
  10. M

    1999 ford explorer 4.0 Soch rough idle

    Ok I know this is a topic that is really played out but just bare with me. I acquired a used 1999 explorer. Had some issues but I figured they where minor so I went with it. It idled very high from the get go. About 1500 to 2000 with my foot on the break. And it would stall like it's running...
  11. 2

    Valve Cover Gaskets?

    Hey everyone. I'm going to try and change my valve cover gaskets this weekend and I have a few questions on the procedure. My Haynes manual says that you need to remove the upper intake manifold to get the valve cover off for 99 and later models. Is this really necessary? It also says to push...
  12. M

    Found disconnected vacuum tube, where might it go?

    My 1992 Ford Explorer XLT 4dr 4wd Auto 4.0 V6 has begun suddenly running rough and the check engine light comes on. It happened after I replaced the O2 sensor, when I was reaching behind the engine to get the O2 sensor wiring, and ended up pulling up that AND a vacuum tube from alongside the...
  13. B

    vacumm/02 sensor

    hello i have changed nearly every sensor on my 91 explorer. from map sensor to just recentlly my 02 sensor. my check engine light was on,hooked up to read o2 sensor,so i changed it. the check engine light still comes on and trucks rpms drop really low almost shutting off then revs up...
  14. L

    0171 and 0174 codes after fuel pump replacement

    Anyone have an Idea whats wrong? After replacing my fuel pump on the way home my CEL came on. The codes are the all to typical 0171 and 0174. Ive checked for leaks replaced O2 sensors new fuel filter new pcv ran seafoam through the fuel tank with no luck at all codes keep coming back. Oddly...
  15. M

    Revving on own, used to run rich, unplugged MAf sensor...intake problem?

    So I've gone quite a few places and can't seem to fix my explorer. Not looking for a miracle, but though I'd share it's history with you guys and see what happens! One day out of nowhere, my '93 XLT started revving from about 500-1500 over and over again on its own. Only time it would stop is...
  16. H

    Vacuum Issues

    I have a 1998 Explorer with a recently rebuilt motor 4.0 SOHC V6 (intake manifold was not replaced) 2 wheel drive that about 75% of the time sucks air so hard from the line (small 3/8" or 1/2" id hose) that goes from the air filter housing hose (large 3" id duct style hose that's preformed) to...
  17. P

    Squeaking noise while driving/rough idle

    Hey guys I just joined the forum and wanted to ask about a few things: 1) While driving i can hear a squeaking noise coming from the underside of my car, sometimes i don't hear it at all but typically as i accelerate the noise's frequency goes up. I was wondering if maybe i just need to lube my...
  18. J

    No heater control?

    Hello, so first off i have a 92 explorer xlt, when i bought the car the only thing that would worked was the main vents (for heat). To pass inspection here i need the defroster to work also, of which it wont switch to. Ive checked the vacuum lines that i know about and they all seem fine...
  19. T

    93 dies after 20 seconds of idle

    LAst week, exp was running rough,on the way home from work, I found that the plug on vacuum port at rear of plenum had fallen off, I re covered it, and it runs OK. NO Check Engine Light. But, when it starts, the idle runs high for about 20 seconds, then kicks down low and goes lower till...
  20. Aerostar vacuum diagram.

    Aerostar vacuum diagram.

    The diagram was in Ford's software.
  21. N

    engine compression test for backfire

    my 1991 explorer has been backfiring, so on the advice and the good people on here i did a compession test, the results are as follows c1=130 c2=130 c3=145 c4=150 c5=140 c6=140 20psi difference between high and low and i didnt see the needle lose pressure so i dont think i have a leak, is...
  22. Vacuum caps for the bleeder screws.

    Vacuum caps for the bleeder screws.

    The part number from Motormite/Dorman/Help is 47392. The size is 7/32".
  23. Bleeder screw with a vacuum cap.

    Bleeder screw with a vacuum cap.

    The part number from Motormite/Dorman/Help is 47392. The size is 7/32".
  24. J

    Explorer Vacuum? Problem

    Hi guys, Im a newbie here, but so far seems great. I have a question I dont see an answer to. Maybe I'm just having trouble finding my way around here efficiently. Anyways here goes: I have a 96 Explorer 4x4 with really high mileage. Just bought it cheeep. It has the 4.0L v6. It...
  25. A

    engine problem, no noise, just no acceleration, tranny issue also

    My 1996 Ford Explorer engine decided to act like a prom queen asked to undress on a float -- it just stopped running well about 1500 miles when pulling a trailer slowed to about 20 mph, and without trailer about 35 mph on straightaway -- neither engine nor motor race, smell a lot of gas It is...