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05- V8 4.6L Throttle body problems? Looking for used TB


August 18, 2014
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2005 Mercury Mountaineer
So here's my story... 05 mountaineer v8 model was starting to act up the other week, right as it started to get cold... would start, but too forever to. So checked everything I thought could be wrong.. battery good. Thought it was the starter because when it was in the ON position it would click repeatedly and it would actually start quicker if I did this and waited for the clicking to stop.. Thought the clicking was the starter.. took it in to advance and they said it was bad...
came home, put new one it... doing the exact same thing, except now I got a check engine light and went into fail-safe mode.
Had a buddy come over and read codes said something with throttle actuator...
go back in time about 3 months.. I had throttle body problems, changed TPS and throttle body motor.. worked fine ever since.. here's the fine print...I accidentely broke off what I thought was a set screw...wrong but anyways, glue it back it (little pin that stopped gear inside tb motor) fast forward.. that pin and its casing I glued back in there is gone... dont know when it came off.. but thinking this is the problem???
any advice???

Or anyone know where I can get a throttle body off 05-06 v8?? they're hard to come by used because it's only those years and really dont wanna spend 300-400 for a new one from a dealer... but just might have to...should of 3 months ago...

here is where I would look

website for nationwide recyclers: www.car-part.com.
Website for junkyards you can pull the part. http://www.picknpull.com

The 2005s are starting to make the junkyards. The recyclers - top site, will have them. Look for LKQ recyclers first.

there are a bunch listed on Car-part.com

time to make a few calls. I can vouch for A reliable in Blue Island, IL. If there is one near your home, that would be the one to try.