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1990 Ford Ranger Question.


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October 22, 2009
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Upland, CA
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'90 XLT
Hi everybody! I'm new on here and am hoping to get an answer about my Ranger.

My '90 Ranger has a 2.9L in it and I want MORE POWER!!! But I'm only looking to spend at most $700-$800. My solution is to put a 4.0L in it, but I don't know if the 2.9L's transmission will work with a 4.0L motor, and if they will work together... what year must the 4.0L be? Your answer is MUCH appreciated.

Oh, one more thing... will a 302 work in it??

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Instead of replacing the 2.9 which is very reliable, have you thought of regearing the vehicle with say 4.10s. I had a Bronco II with the 2.9 stock 31 10.50 r15 I put 4.10s gears in and I kid you not it would smoke the tires. If not I believe that the 4.0 ohv will bolt straight up to the exsisting transmission only other issue is the computer and wiring components.

And yes you can fit the 5.0 with some modifications, try also checking out therangerstation.com great site for older rangers and bronco II.

Just a side note my roomate owns the bronco now it has over 200,000 miles on it and will out run my 98 Explorer with 4.10 4.0 SOHC same size tire auto instead of stick.

THANKS A LOT!!! I never thought about gearing? Probably a lot easier than swaping motors... But I'm still not sure. So basically, I can get gears for it and it'll be impressive... or... if I can find a cheap 5.0 I can make it a HOT ROD trophy truck, lol. I know gearing can do a lot, but it just doesn't seem like it will. The truck's power right now is okay, (for being 20 years old). But I guess if I change the gears and get a chip for it, that should be all I need. After all, I am only 16... I don't need to go out and get any speeding tickets with a 5.0 lol. Thank's a lot for the help, and believe me, it is much appreciated and needed!


x2 on the gearing,, it will be like a different truck,

Welcome to this forum! I've moved your thread into the Ranger section.