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1991/93 explorer starter wiring


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November 22, 2012
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1991&1993 ford explorer
Hi I am a 38 woman who has a starter problem with my 1991 explorer. I ended up buying a 93 explorer as a parts vehicle because it was the same price as the starter, and this 93 starter is new as well as brakes and hubs ect... So I wasnt there when my buddy took the starter out or the 93, he did not wait cause I wanted to see knowing I would probably be putting it in myself. So I have installed the 93 starter into my 91. I am know very confused on where the wires go because the starters are a little different on celynoid. There is a yellow wire with a flat thing at the end of it, where is this to go? and the red wire with the attachment is bolted down on the screw, but I have another red wire that is not attached to anything. What do I do or have done wrong?? I am a single mother without a vehicle now for 5 days and no friends (mech) will get off their butt and help me, so please help me? lol