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1997 SAS by CRL Customs and JoshC

Here is the build up of my Explorer for a SFA.

The axle I used is a Dana 30 off of a Jeep.


I bought the axle in December, so I had plenty of time work on it. I had it regeared to 4.56's. I also installed a Dead Link Removed. I've already got a Dead Link Removed in the 8.8.


I put these diff guards on the front and rear too.


Cory uses some pretty tough stuff. All of the links on the front axle use Hiem joints for the connections.


The links are all customs made by Cory. All of his tubing used on the axle is 1 1/2" OD, 1/8" wall (I think).



The coil buckets we used came from a race car magazine. They are adjustable for ride height.



After 3 months of having the truck, he finally gets to test his work.




While Cory had the truck, I also had him build a proto type bumper that he designed, hoping people would like it so he could start to sell these too.


The truck turned out well. It is HUGE! I love it. When I got it back I got up the next morning and started to work on it. I had to replace all the brake lines up front, removed the ABS unit from under the hood, and bought a new PS caliper for the front.

I finally got everything put back together and painted. Here are pics of the bumper after i added two pieces of 3/8" diamond plate.



After I got it all done, it was my turn to try it out a little bit. I didn't want to flex it to hard because i don't have my limiting straps on yet.




Here is the link to the whole build up process: Dead Link Removed

My tire choice was 35" Dead Link Removed

Please let me know what you think, good or bad! I'll answer an question that I can. If you want some pricing on the work, email Cory at CoryL@crlcustoms.com

410Fortune said:
whats wrong with F-250 buckets from a D44 equipped truck?

They aren't adjustable for ride height.

Ahhhhhh you can cut off the bottom and adjust their height on the frame before you weld, gusset them from behind.

you just cant go high enough maybe :)

And then it's permanent... Better hope the springs don't settle and if they do, better hope they settle evenly. Adjustable coil buckets are the next best thing to coil overs.

actualy i have no problems when the suspension cycles. none at all. I would change it but why change what works great?