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4WD 2.3L maintenance--50k


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April 22, 2016
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'18 Toyota Prius Prime

My ride is crossing about 2.5 years and 50k soon, and before I hit 60k I was thinking about hitting up the following maintenance items--anyone care to ballpark prices and call me out as crazy?

-Change out transmission fluid
-Change out PTU fluid (which is probably mud by now, mind you)
-Change out coolant

Anything else, any less?

I've been keeping up with cabin air and engine air filters, and of course oil changes as well. This is considerably more aggressive than Ford's schedule, but I also think Ford's schedule runs far too long.

I like to do plugs and diffs at the same time. If you live in a wet climate maybe brake fluid.

I probably over paid, but had the coolant flushed and filled at around 44,000 miles at a Ford dealership for about $153 that included tax, etc. Changing out the PTU fluid is about the same price from my research at a Ford dealership. Some dealerships will do this service, while other dealerships will say they won't perform this service, it's hit and miss.