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5.0 oil pan gasket change


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July 14, 2008
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2000 mountaineer
I know to completly remove the oil pan on a 5.0 explorer u need to lift the motor. But to change the gasket I was thinking why couldnt I drop the pan as far as I can and slip the new gasket on by fishing it down and around the pick up and fit it in place with out completly removing oil pan. It looks like the pan will drop more in the back giving room to fish it through. What do u think?

Drop it a little and use some make-a-gasket RTV in the places that leaks. Keep the original gasket in, there is no way to fish it around pump pick-up.

I'll bet that after 3 hours of fighting to get the f'n gasket in place without destroying it, and you'll be wishing you lifted the engine!

And I doubt its possible to get it between the crank caps and pan or around the pump intake without cutting the gasket. If you cut it at the front and seal with lot of RTV, it's probably okay for a couple years.

Be sure to take lots of pictures and let us know how it goes.