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5R55E shift saga

I am so loving all this work I'm doing on my 95 myself and accomplishing w/o replacing my trans for 1850.00 as the 'Aa' place quoted me... I am now about to do the same thing on my 2000 that I just did on my 95 yesterday, as it is now showing shifting flare signs as well. However, I do not want to replace the whole vb again if I don't have to. I would love to start with the bonded seperator plate... but then I would have to worry about the solenoids. So if the solenoids seperately would cost more than the rebuilt vb with them already attached and the bonded plate I think I am better off with the whole vb package... I too also found that the trans oil was rather low when changing the vb this time, seemed like only 4 maybe quarts when it drained I added two bttls of lucas trans fix will check the level again tomorrow. In the mean time I am about to order the other parts need from Trans Usa in the next day or two in preparation.. Does anyone have a List/Bible of parts that they are willing to suggest? All besides the VB in my cart at Trans Usa I have, 1 Servo cover gasket, 1 D ring pak for that reverse servo, & 1 transmission repair manual 98+... wondering if this is ok for my 95 as well? Also wondering why there is no drain plug in the Trans pan yet there is in every thing else!?>>Update I am also ordering 2 transmission pan drain plug kits from trans USA :D !!!

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Tousley Ford

Did it take your vehicle time to get better?... On my 95 shouldn't my OD light stop blinking if the whole VB w/solenoids got replaced or is there something else I am missing? I so appreciate any help you could give me... Where, if I can, can I get the bonded plate for my 2000 xls

I purchased my valve body parts from TousleyFordParts.com

My transmission problems never resulted in a flashing O/D light or diagnostic trouble code. I repaired the valve body as soon as I detected an upshift flare. If you disconnect the battery to clear the DTCs and your O/D light still flashes then your PCM thinks there is still a problem. I suggest that you check for set DTCs.

The shifts solenoids are not expensive, but the EPC is and that's the critical part to change. I replaced my EPC and 1/2 shift solenoid, plus the TCC solenoid.

@ StreetRod~ doing that right now.. Another member suggested I change the dash fuses just in case whether they look burnt or not... Maybe I'll get lucky other than that I may need a new cluster..
@CDW~ I replaced my whole valve body with a rebuilt one.... Shouldn't the solenoids that came on it be a 'non issue' then? I see that the solenoids are not very expensive but there are 6. Trans Usa has some of them in a master pak, 3 in 1 I think and one of them is the EPC for less then some charge for the EPC 1 itself... As well, if I understand you correctly you're saying that you 'did not' change the VB, you just changed those 3 solenoids and you were successful?
Thanx, C

The VB's need a VB kit installed, there are three brands to choose from. I'm not sure what is done to those complete rebuilt VB's, I would guess that they get the minimum Ford parts.

I chose to do mine with a TransGo kit, plus all of the Sonnax upgrades too, a couple of other good items. I also replaced the EPC and the two solenoids I thought would be most likely to wear a lot. I did all of that for good maintenance, it cost about $200 total(EPC was $110 from Ford).

Since then the gasket issue has been thought to be caused by the very long and deep passages inside the case. Now Sonnax has a "TSB" kind of notice which instructs how to add a couple of set screws into those passages to keep them from moving side to side. No one here has mentioned that yet, so hopefully very soon someone will do that and document it. I had to hunt hard to find it after reading about it. I bought two of the set screws as mentioned, and now my trans has gone out with some kind of internal hard parts breakage. I'm soon going to remove it all and rebuild the thing.

I agree with Bluestream. Blown separator gasket most likely your culprit. I have a 5R55E tranny I recently replaced the separator plate and now running like a champ. Paid less than 50 bucks at the Ford dealer.

Much nicer picture then the diagram on pg. 110 in the ATSG manual ...