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'93 Sport 2wd

Well at last, I'm working on my X again. My aunt gave it to me for my 17th b-day in '99 with only 45k miles on it. I remember when I first got into it and felt like I was in a damn 18wheeler-I'd never driven anything besides a car or my dad's little toyota pickup which was like 4 inches off the ground.

I found this site and not too long after that, I bought a Flowmaster 50series with fabbed 2.5 pipes from the cat and a chrome tip on the end. Couldn't believe how badass it sounded, I still have people ask me if I swapped in a V8. For graduation I bought the 1.5" rough country coils, 2" warrior shackles, and rancho 5000's. My parents bought me all new tires, 31x10.5's and that was the end of my mods until now. After wasting time and money for the last 4 years I've gotten back into school and back into my truck, instead of wasting everything going out every night.

Now the plan is restoration, then modification :D . Just put in new bosch wires and plat2 plugs this weekend and it feels like a whole new engine I can't believe the difference it made. There's a LOT of things that need to be fixed and replaced on the X and I'm hellbent on doing it all myself with quality parts, but not spending too much money buying top of the line parts. I know absolutely nothing about this stuff (it took me 4 hours just for the plugs and wires, and my hands look like I rubbed a cheese grader over them for 30 minutes) so it's going to be interesting. Thank you to Rick, the mods, and everyone else on here for providing the invaluable resources on this site that make it possible for idiots like me to fix their own rides. :chug:

Just hit the 120k marker today on the way to work.
1993 Sport Black 2wd
1.5" Rough Country Coils / 2" Warrior Shackles / Rancho 5k's (dead =/ )
31x10.5 BFG AT/KO's - 2 Brand new, 2 with about 5k on them
Pioneer DEH-P7300 - 4 Pioneer 3-way 6x8's (One blown =/ )
Bosch Platinum +2 plugs and Bosch wires (Brand new)

Next is going to be brakes, rotors, pads, shoes, bearings...etc
After that it's: replace all major bushings with polys, new shocks, tie rod work
Then, maybe after all of that's done months from now, I'll attack the sound system, got a great deck already and have a friend who will give me some awesome discounts on the rest.

Here's some pics, depending on if I do it right...
Before lift/tires


Another after pic

On the top of some 30 foot dunes, with my yeah 2wd, I loved it

Pic from bottom of the dunes, damn things were steep