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99 5.0L Balancer/Synchronizer timing WAY out...

Sounds good. That might be just like mine, a little leakage residue of oil, coolant etc, on most of the front/bottom of the engine. I still need a little water some days, but it'll get the new parts eventually(and stay clean then).

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Yep. I have a business card sized spot under the front of the engine after I shut it down. Not a puddle, just a spot. I add coolant to the over flow bottle every other week or so.
It will live until I get the gumption up to take it all apart again, or the water pump fails. Whichever comes first. :D

Good job!
For what it's worth, it doesn't matter where the cps is pointing as long as it is timed correctly. Most point off center anyway-

Thanks Turdle!!! I understand about the correct timing and alignment of the CPS, just being OCD about its positioning. :thumbsup:

Unfortunately, the piston stop I made that didn't work got disassembled immediately afterword and the component pieces trashed or put back where they belonged.

I guess that I got lucky marking with a Sharpie like one of the forum Veteran members suggested. I replaced my CPS with a used Motorcraft unit and the 5.0 ran like a scalded dog when asked to. I can only imagine how my 250K 5.0 with a performance cam and a custom tune would run. This is the last of the FoMoCo smallblocks and is a long way from the 221 cubic inch from which they started. Oh BTW, my plug wires are original 21 YO FoMoCo s.

Can I borrow this for a little bit? You could hand it to me so it doesn't get lost in the mail too. :D

it'll be on it's way tomorrow brother.