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A completely insane/stupid 4.9l swap. Yes, I'm serious.

Oh, also... I'm going to be selling the trans, t-case, and any applicable engine accessories (minus wiring harness and computer) if anyone's interested. All parts in working condition prior to the engine committing hara-kiri. PM me if interested.

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that is one way of getting rid of the fan!

and since you won't be needing it why not!

the exciting part is still to come though!

I'm still watching!

Okay, so I called it early tonight to head out to eat with a friend BUT... SHE SHOULD BE READY TO COME OUT, WOOT! :D Got all the tranny bolts out... All 8 of em. Disregard 6 from the previous post, I had a dumb. Check out the pics. One thing I will say to people who are unfamiliar with the trans removal procedure for this vehicle: REMOVE THE SPLASH GUARDS FROM THE FENDERWELLS! Trust me on that one, you'll clear out so much space to get to the bolts, it's virtually impossible without doing that step. After you drop the trans support, remove the splash guards (or whatever they're called, the big plastic black things in your fenderwells), and if you don't have a ratchet wrench, remove the front left tire. I'm 5'11" and could barely reach it with the tire cranked in away from me. Couldn't remember the bolt locations on the drivers side... There's 2 of em side/topside, same with passenger side.

Tomorrow I'll try and get the engine out... No promises because the temp lately around here has been in the 70's but it's supposed to drop down to the 30's tonight/tomorrow. I don't mind standing, but getting down on the garage floor and wrenching just doesn't sound that appealing (too crowded in the garage, it has to be rolled out the door partially), especially because they're talking wind. But I'll get 'er done sooner or later. Couple pics to help those along who have to unbolt one of those nightmare trannies. You can tell they put the body on AFTER the powertrain.
dside fenderwell reszd.jpg

pside fenderwell reszd.jpg

Alright guys, time for another update... THE ENGINE IS FINALLY OUT!!!!!!! Only took me 12-14 hrs by myself with common hand tools, going by my own educated guesses, so not too bad on my 3rd engine pull. The tranny is almost ready to drop out, but the mercury around here dropped to about 38 degrees when I was out there... I lost my patience trying to push the rear driveshaft u-joint caps with my puller, and because wind was going up my coat. I'm not particularly fond of working under vehicles in a Carhardt coat.

So instead, I decided to drive to the storage lot and snap a few pics of the iron pig (F-150) donor vehicle. You can clearly see that it needs bodywork. While the exterior stuff wouldn't be horrible (it'd require a bit of work on the exterior, but nothing super unmanageable), it would require a complete cab-off and complete strip down to access all the rust. Parts of the cab floor were starting to rust, and as much as I love this truck, it's not worth the time, money, or frustration involved with completely tearing it down. This isn't a 69 Mustang Boss 429 after all. The cab would require removal, strip, cut + weld, abrasive blasting, paint, and re-assembly... That's how bad it is. I surmise it'd take longer to do that than my powertrain swap. Plus, no girl would say, "Oh, I like how the flatbed really highlights your truck" :rolleyes:

Ready to lift

(Droopy's voice) "Going up, sir."


Almost there!


I hate you... So much...

Aww, Ford you shouldn't have... Left so much space in the engine compartment :D:D:D

Look at how cute it is... It's like a real transmission!



The stick is juuuuust the right length it seems...

Ugly body, perfect organs. Just a lil dirt on em ;)


Patience, my dear moar boar.

Hopefully I'll have the tires aired up and this thing outta storage by the end of this week/early next week where it'll start getting stuff yanked out of it :)

Alright, so the mercury decided to rise to the "not freezing" setting, so I was able to go out there and get some more work done... Well? The major powertrain components are out of it! After I got the sensors all disconnected, and the exhaust cut in a couple of places, a little more jackin up gave her the clearance required to yank the whole she-banga-bang out. Would've uploaded a few pics but as I found with my spiffy new phone... It wont take pics when the battery is low! How awesome is that? Guess I shouldn't have been gaming on it... Droid OS ftw!

As far as the iron pig goes, that thing should be here by the end of the week (hopefully...) I went to u-haul to rent a tow dolly... Or a trailer... Too wide on either front. My only option is a tow bar (they wanted $170 for one), *BUT* I lucked out as my stepdad has one. So all I gotta do is fab a couple mounts, drill the holes, bolt 'er up, and drag it outta there. I'd drive it out, but it has neither plates nor insurance... Plus, I think some mice may have chewed up the wiring for the fuel supply pump... That or the sun baked the wiring off of it. In either case, the wires are too short to really make a good fix. The last thing I want is my uninsured, unplated truck to break down on the way here. So fab I will, and she'll be here for her 2nd to last voyage. Hate to see her go, but she won't be forgotten.

Figured out how to get some pics off my phone (finally!). Damn this phone don't like to play with my computer... Anyways, trans + t-case are out, wiring harness is off the engine, along with most of the accessories. For s+g, I decided to open up the right header cover to see if anything obvious was wrong... YUP! First thing I noticed when I cracked her open. I think I'm gonna get the 150 here, strip it, get all this scrap outta my garage, then I'll probably put the project on hold for a bit... Gas prices are still going up, and my bike does a good job of offsetting those high, HIGH prices. In other words, I'm gonna take a breather to work on the bike. But not to worry, I'll be back to the EX soon enough. I'm gonna post an ad on CL and here, but I figure I'll let you guys know the prices, if anyone's interested.
Tranny: 115k on body, don't know if anything done to trans. I drove it a couple of times, couldn't discern any noticeable problems. $100
T-case: As far as I know, worked fine. $75
Starter/alt: Both worked fine $15/ea
A/C comp: As far as I know, worked fine $20
P/S pump: worked fine, $10





that sucks, part of a chain guide or something?

Yeah. The metal part underneath the plastic sliders is jammed in between the tensioner and the head. Plastic was all busted off. Not a pretty sight.

yo... i need some SOHC parts over here!!!! selling n e thing?

Yup. Check previous post. Pretty much anything from the engine except for the crank sensor, temperature sensors, the wiring harnesses, and exhaust piping. PM me if interested.

not sure what the part is called its the rubber Y that attaches to the top of the motor and leads to the intake. mine is cracked :(

i need that and the rubber intake and other things that connect to intake -maf and airbox

I'll look tomorrow at what I have.

Interesting project there.

I'm not a big advocate of praying to the books, emissions laws etc, but I try to play nice. I also would have fixed the SOHC, because I can cheaply. Or stick a 302 in it, because it's also simple and parts are plentiful.

But the I-6 is okay too if you have it and it'll fit etc. My worry would be the clearances, first I'd ask the length of the new engine, from the fan blade to the bell housing. I think that's a huge problem.

Good luck, I hope it works great. I like hearing about saving good American vehicles. Regards,

That's why I'm going to weld in a drop-back where the firewall is. And I would probably just go along with fixing the SOHC, but... $1400, dude. I'm relatively sure this project wont cost a whole lot more than a grand total. Just time, effort, and a little bit of educated guessing, lol. And the 300 is built damn good. Probably better than the majority of 302's. Just doesn't have the same rev-capacity.

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Put a 200 straight six in a ranger once. Had to cut core support and mount rad there. And run a low profile flexlite fan pretty much directly on water pump. I can't imagine getting the 300 to fit lol.