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A4LD Shift Problem


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November 21, 2008
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Redmond, OR
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94 4x4
93, 99 Bauer 4x4
I have a problem with my '92 A4LD, which got really bad after pulling a mountain pass. When cold, it won't shift into 2nd. I have to start by manually shifting into 1st, then manual 2nd. Once warm, Drive and OD will work and shifting is at 20, 35ish, 45ish. When starting out from a stop after warm up, it starts out in 2nd, not 1st. Then, intermittently, backing off the gas is required to get the 2-3 shift.

It sounds like it could be a sticky governor, its the easiest thing to check, just remove the drive shaft and extension housing. If its a 4x4 then the transfer case will have to come off. If the governor is ok the problem will be in the valve body.

Check the band adjustment in addition to the governor. It's possible that the intermediate band either broke or is out of alignment.

Prior to the current trans behavior, I had removed the governor and polished it with 1000 emery paper. I didn't smoothe it out completely. How do you actually check the governor to know if it is bad?
Since the date stamp on the case is 08/91, I'm assuming it is a 92 tranny. So, I had previously adjusted the overdrive band to 3.5 turns and the intermediate band to 2.0 turns.