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Adventure Camping build

Overlanding, Expedition vehicle, Adventure rig, Family wheeler.. call it what you want, but I need some ideas for the next build. So decipher my ramblings below and add your suggestions/ideas/thoughts/examples/pics/etc..

My 1993 Sport is officially entering 'no longer able to attempt at being street legal' phase so the planning of a road friendly adventure vehicle is beginning. I will most likely be retaining my D44, Duff arms, 8.8 and 37s for the new build and although I have some ideas for a platform in mind I would like to get some of your thoughts/ideas.

I have a 1997 V8 Explorer which gives me a great drivetrain, comfort, room for the family or the ability to sleep in the rig. I have been eyeing up ext. cab Rangers as well as I like the idea of having a bed to haul gear or build a sleeping platform off of but it makes bringing our son a chore with the small back seat. A sport trac gives me both the room and the bed but the wheelbase feels like a boat on tight east coast trails.

My 44 is a narrowed HP housing and I have thought about taking all of the good bits from it and swapping into a full width housing. Same with the 8.8. Even with full width a mild flair will keep me mostly legal in my state.

$100 sport trac topper that is a score!!

Well done
How is the sohc these days? Have you considered changing the chain tensioners since you started to notice a rattle?
Ford says to change them at 90K miles YIKES
Some of us have been using manual chain tensioners designed for the Polaris engine....with great results.
In my experience when your SOHC just starts to rattle on cold starts if you catch it early enough new tensioners can buy alot more miles

It's rattling more consistently, mainly under load. I was able to snag an 80k engine for a ridiculously low price and heard it run prior to being pulled. Its sitting at work waiting for it's time to shine. Maybe I should service it while it's out. ‍♂️

Truck runs great and got 18mpg on a recent excursion so I'm just keepin on keepin on.

gear scores continue.. my brother in law came in from NC and decided he was getting rid of his arb awning. Now I must admit that I usually poke fun at the whole 'overlander' scene but this thing can come in handy while camping or picnics... and it looks pretty rad! Somehow I ended up with my 1998 Ranger back that I daily drove for a few years. The owner used it as a work truck and it shows.. I was going to keep it for a spare vehicle but with the second kid already here I could use the cash more.