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Another A4LD problem


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October 29, 2006
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Rockford, IL
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1991 Navajo LX
I have a 1991 Mazda Navajo with the A4LD transmission and a 4.0 V6. The problem I am experiencing is similiar to another thread I saw, What it seems to be doing in when starting out in OD it seems to slip, but when you put it into drive it takes off normally. The problem is intermittent and almost always seems to happen cold. One thing I noticed last night was that it was working fine in OD, then suddenly revved like it jumped out of gear, shifting it into drive it worked fine. Then later it was working fine again in OD. It never seems to 'slip" starting out with the selector in Drive.

Welcome to this forum! When was the last time you adjusted the bands, replaced the fluid, and filter? Are you losing any ATF? Your fluid level could be low, or you could have a leaking modulator. If it would have a delayed 1-2 shift when it's cold, I would think you were having a governor problem, but you mentioned that it works fine when it's left in the regular drive position.

The transmision was rebuilt maybe 2 yrs ago, fluid looks good, but overfilled. I checked the modulator, its in good shape with no signs of fluid in the line. What is a good way to check the govenor, and replace if necessary?

The only way to test the governor is to actually have it in front of you. You have to see if it's not binding. It could be done while the transmission is in the vehicle, but the transfer case has to be removed. It's inside of the 4X4 housing.