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Any trails decently close to San Diego?


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April 30, 2000
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2002 Tacoma Dcab
Just out of curiousity, are there any 4x4 trails decently close to San Diego, CA? My brother is living there and hasn't found anything besides sand. He likes some rocky stuff. Nothing extreme, just scenic and fun. He drives a 1999 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 kingcab v6 TRD with an inch suspension and 32" tires. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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There are quite of few areas that he can go to.

1. Los Coyote Indian Reservation next to Warner Springs. A group of guys are going out there this coming weekend. He can check it out under Los Coyote Run.

2. Anza Borrego State Park (Truckhaven etc.)

3. If wants to go farther north then the Big Bear area.

He can also pick up a trail book on off-roading for the Southern Calif. area at any off-road store or Sporting Goods store in his area.

Have him check out or something like that. It is a tacoma owners club. I saw a group of about 15-20 of them out in Los Coyates a few months ago.


Yeah, I'm trying to get him to. Or Terra Del Sol 4x4 club out there. He just works his ass off and doesn't get the time to do stuff. Tried getting him to join Tacoma Territorys here in WV, but he never did.

If he doesn't have very much time then I don't think Terra del sol would be for him. I know that club takes alot of time to be involved with. I know one guy that is in it and another that is think of joining both great guys that I wheeled with last weekend.