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Bigdaves "desert" X registry

Well I went elite a while back so I guess its time to make a registry. Most of the pics are just of the truck most recently and I'll update this more when I get some off road pics and if it goes under any other major changes. Anyway, here ya go

Front suspension:
Camburg 6.0 performance kit with race spindle and tube uniball upper a arm. (1.5 wider per side)
8" by 2.5" King resivoir shock
Limited at 11-12" of wheel travel

The front fenders are Hannemanns 4" over fiberglass for second gen. explorers

Rear suspension:
Warrior Shackles
Deaver 11 leaf long travel pack
10" by 2.5" King resivoir shock with custom upper and lower tower
Pulls 14.5-15" of wheel travel

Tires and Wheels:
American racing baja 15 x 8 rim
33 x 12.5 pro comp All terrains

The engine is the 4.0 SOHC and the only mod there is the ASMI intake kit

Exhaust is a flowmaster 70 series cat back system with turndown

Re geared to ford factory 4.10's a while ago for the 32's, probably gonna want 4.56 with the 33's though.

2 euro and one pencil Hella 4000's

Hope you guys enjoy it and if you have any questions ask away

February 2005


October 2005








Here are some newer pics of the new kit in action, more to come soon(sorry for the crappy quality too!)





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damnnnnnn those hellas stare right back at you dont they? that looks way nice.

yeah my ex was beggin for attention. i think todays trip mighta pushed it over the edge. needed and oil change, a good waxing (it was really scratched from a desert mishap last weekend, but it buffed out) and an interior detail. got it all done and it looks *****in. also i inspected all the suspension and found a loose rear shock bolt. so it needed a break after 5 weekends in a row of desert.

you think you can make it out to the dez on new years dave?

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thanks man i really like em too

i totally understand i had to change my oil today to among other things, yeah ill probably be able to make it out then and i want to go before then too if i can put together a trip with a few more people, trying to go as much as possible before school starts again!

That bumper looks "hella" nice. Hehehehehe.

hahaha, i wish i thought of that one myself too

trent-yeah i should know pretty soon, one of my friends is coming into town from school tomorow and then monday we are welding up some new shock tabs for the rear of his ranger cuz he blew both last trip and then weld up a new exhaust for him then we are all ready to go, ill PM you a date as soon as i get one

Very nice lookin truck.

I like what you did with the rear. Would that work with SOA? I'll have to check if they got something with shocks long enough for SOA...

thanks man, yeah im sure it would work with an soa, and i guarentee somebody makes shocks long enough, plus my rear end is probably just under the height of an SOA so a 10" travle shock will work fine, you could probably even use a 8.5" travel shock and have it work

hey dave, i just got my glass pretty much mounted up but what the heck did you do with your radio antenna? did u mount it somewhere else or what?

dont have one because my old one was the electric one that would go up and down so i couldnt mount it on the glass. i just disconnected it and i havent gotten around to putting a new on yet, radio works ok still though, let me know what you end up doing too

I noticed you're a 2wd using the ranger 4wd spindle. Did you get 4wd bearings and wheel studs to work with the spindle? Do you have any pics of the spindle? I'm considering doing the same thing.

no im not using the ranger 4x4 spindle im using the camburg kit for the edge, here are a few pics i snapped when i was swapping out the ball joints




I just sent you an PM, sorry for double messaging. Just one more question do you know if the upper arms are longer than stock? I'm trying to correct bad cambers and looking for upper arms to correct it.

just replied PM, no they are stock length arms, the only thing making the truck wider is the spindle which widens the track width

12-17-2005, here is a shot of the new hella 4000's that i swapped out in place of those tiny PIAA 40 series, got two euro beams and a pencil in the middle, cant wait to try them out, also is a better picture of the bumper since i never really shot one to update this

Hey Dave, did you make your bumper or buy it? Any specs.? Maybe a picture of how it ties to the frame rails?:navajo:

Well I figured its time to throw up some updated shots of the explorer. There are a few that i took after washing and a few I took this past weekend for an online magazine that contacted me and said they wanted to do an article on the X. Anyway, the offroad shots were not from the desert but rather a trail that goes through some mountains in Southern California. Hope you enjoy














As usual, an extremely beautiful truck...

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thanks man, no its actually called Orosco range in Ramona, its a part of the cleveland nat'l forest and the magazine is some small website called I guess its like an online magazine? not sure but I'll post up a link if it comes out, supposed to be in July