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Yeah, the engine noise is a bit too quiet... It is so quiet it's annoying. I wanted to hear the roar I would hear from my dad's old 95 Explorer.

Brian is on crack. This is the quietest vehicle I've ever driven in no matter the speed. You can barely ever hear the engine. The throttle response is no different than any other SUV but get's better MPG's in the end. If you want faster throttle response, get a mustang.

If you want faster throttle response, get a mustang.
Throttle response, not acceleration rate - two different things. A mustang can still have throttle lag.

Throttle response and engine noise are fine in my X. No complaints here.

I'm really trying not to be biased, already owning a 2011 X and all. Engine is really quiet from my experience and if I wanted it to sound like a 6L V8 I'd put on some Flowmasters. The reviewer keeps alluding to the fact that he expected more performance like the Explorer is some kind of distant Mustang trim. 290HP and 255ft-lbs is more than sufficient while getting 17/23 MPG. Being a CNET guy, you'd think he'd appreciate MFT more. He likes and dislikes it in equal amounts from his review.

So what did we learn from his review? The same thing we hear from EVERY review and already know, each person will value each vehicle differently.

Brian really knocked the engine for delayed throttle response and terrible high end sound.

Your experiences?

Quietest vehicle we've ever owned, so not sure about that one. As far as delayed throttle response from my experience in the 2050 miles i've put on the car, the throttle is more of a exponential increase .. I think this is likely for better fuel economy in city driving. But if you put the pedal down, there's nothing delayed about the throttle response.

If he was driving in one of the all terrain modes like snow, the throttle response is slowed to help keep the wheels from spinning on loose surfaces.
Thats the way it was designed.

On the how fast MFT responds, it looked super fast when he was doing most functions, like when he was scrolling thru the different windows on the small LCDs. The only slow part looked like when he was accessing his USB media, which is more a function of the media he's using than MFT.

It seems the sloppy reviewers are tust too lazy to spend any time with the system before making judgements.

The only slow part looked like when he was accessing his USB media, which is more a function of the media he's using than MFT.

I wondered about that myself. If you get the newer sandisk card for example, it is way faster than what they use I bet. I wonder if you can transfer the data to a new fast card?

Question really is will the unit take advantage of the faster speeds? I know the cameras I use will take advantage of the latest technology in card speeds just not sure they built the MFT unit to do same but that should make a big difference in speed depending on what speed cards they use. Mine is a month or more away or I would try it.

I'd go to CNET to get a digi cam, cellphone or laptop review. I'd care less what they say about cars. If you looked at the EX for what it features - 7 Seater SUV, Intelligent 4WD, styling, tech features and is really top in class. That's why I bought it and I love it so far.

The thing that really attracted me to the Explorer was the safety in their 3rd row seating. With the Explorer I can have a peace of mind when actually seating kids in the back. It has enough space between the rear hatch and 3rd row seat much like a mini-van in event of an accident. I'd never put my kid or anyone else for that matter in a 3rd row seat in a Highlander or similar crossover. The 3rd row seat is literally pressed against the rear glass ad bumper in most other SUV's.