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Complete 4in. lift kit?


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October 8, 2005
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Waxahachie, TX
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'92 Sport 4x4/2001 Sport
I know this question has come up, but I am looking for a complete 4 inch lift kit for a '92 4x4 sport, but I want leaf packs, not aal. I have seen the trailmaster lifts, is there any other complete kits? Also, is a steering stabilizer kit really bolt on? Thanks.

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i am not sure but i think superlift has an option on leaf packs and yes the steering stabilizer is a bolt on. and a good option (i have one on mine)

I have leaf packs on my '00 - but they are the same springs you would need for your Explorer. 91-01 Explorers use the same leaf packs (4drs atleast). It's a 4" spring by Superlift.


just to prevent any confusion, 91-94 2doors use the same leafs as the 4doors.

The Superlift kit i installed came with new leafs, man whatta ride!! way better than stock.

Right now superlift makes a 4in lift with new leaf packs
Also Rough Country does as well and alot cheaper got mine for 680.00 shipped with steering stablizer direstly from rough country web site.


Ok, thanks guys, I will have to check em out, for the superlift kit you still have to buy shocks, right?

you dont have to...but you should