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EF "Regular" Moab Trip

Out. . .

Late to the thread, been trying to juggle work and this trip. . . Not happening for me this year - - attending a two week training course in early June that pretty much wipes this opportunity for me. . .

Also interested in the April trip, but a work conference that same week makes that event out of reach.

Have fun.

'91 Sport

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How about June 1st-3rd? I am actually going to try and make it this year. I have had my truck in the transmission shop 5 times in the last year and they still haven't got the overdrive to work.:mad: 1,000 miles is a long way with 4.10 gears and no overdrive.

Well, this has been up for two weeks and we have only had two people express interest... on two different dates:confused:

Doesn't look promising:(

Yeah thats a bummer. The Moab run used to be the biggest thing on this forum.

I'm up for any date other than the first weekend of May.

Well if we don't run this year it just gives me more time to save up and get my rig up so it can run some of the harder stuff next time around. I would still love to go but would rather there be a decent group number in it.

Well, I decided to do something different this year. It's been a long time since I've traveled East, so I am going to join the SMORR group on May 4, 5, 6.

Looks like there's plenty to do this spring, just hard getting everyone together at one place;)

Very interested maybe first weekend of June come on people its MOAB!

I'm also interested in another Moab trip! Could always use a few more dents.