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Photos Moab 2007 Photos & Trip Report

I wish I could have made it this year but a family thing came up this weekend. two major trips within a week is hard on the wallet.
Next year I hope to make it by then I hope to be solid and a prototype suspension( at least for Explorers)


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I just got my internet connection going again, I guess it's been down since the weekend.
Anyways, it was great wheelin' and great people although I didn't get to wheel with everyone who attended. My truck escaped pretty much unscathed
except I did have a slight problem with the tranny being starved of fluid on a couple steep climbs, it was irritating more than anything. Oh, I did have a drained battery on Sunday afternoon, thanks for the jump Marshall:thumbsup:
The drive to/from Moab wasn't as bad as I thought it would be except the amp I rushed to put in 2 days before the trip ended up to be a waste of time for the most part. The front 2 speakers were shot, rears still worked but to top it off the cd player wouldn't work:mad: All I had was the radio with hit or miss radio stations...mostly miss.
About an hour or so after leaving from Moab to head home, there was a huge golden eagle that took off from the brush on the pass. side, it was maybe 10 yards or so in front of me and I thought wow, how cool. It then decides it wants to fly across the road in the path of my truck so I let off the gas hoping to avoid a direct hit, the eagle's wing clips the pass. side fender and it flys off like no big deal. That would've sucked, to top off my vacation killing an endangered species:rolleyes:

I've got a bunch of pics to sort though so I hope to get them posted either tonight or tomorrow.

One thing that nobody mentioned and I think is very noteworthy is Mike Boyle showing the Jeeps how its done on fins and things. While we were repairing my third CV breakage :banghead: there were some jeeps in this free play area, climbing up and down this huge petrified dune. We rolled up on the dune as the Jeeps were leaving and Mike heads up the rock. The jeepers are watching in amazement as his stockish Explorer climbs the rock, gets hung up, selects a different line, and goes right up and back down like nobody's business. They sat and watched as he did it a couple more times in amazement.



Very cool showing the Jeeps how its done!

Mike was also a knowledgeable trail leader and spotter for the time I ran with him Saturday.

Mike Boyle has mad skillz driving that stock height explorer that's for sure. Scrapes the **** out of the bottom of that thing, but it goes anywhere he wants it to.

This is last year on Behind the Rocks. I think the obstacle was called Widow Maker?


That is a good mention MountaineerGreen, I forgot about the jeeps and old FJ that passed us to 'play through'. Mikes an awesome driver. But the new blue FJ (that was by itself) that was behind us, turned around I think.

you guys all suck [/envy]

Lol! Thats exactly it man! Freakin hot in that exploder!

thats why you need to just take the roof off! yay FSB!
anywho I had a blast! I might even head out that way again at the end of the summer if anyone else is down!
thanks to all those that helped me out of some tight situations.....and then proceded to get us all lost! no it was a great time.
linds- thanks for coming along and being a great co-pilot/spotter/camera *****, you got some great shots! and yes after the first 1/2 day of being a lil gas hungry i got the idea, but hey! who else has put out so much power that they made a horseshoe out of a drag link!
supertek and goliath- thanks for helping out, had a blast with you guys!
flyboy- she wheels nice huh? definetly going to have to get some more runs in with ya at the end of the summer. have fun in kuwait.
jarhead-? i don't remember ur name but you could really wheel in that stocker! welcome back to the sport of wheeling! i'll spot and pull for ya anyday!
becker- see you on RMFTC! we had a blast wheeling together and partying sat. night!

everyone else! thanks for one of the best wheeling trips ive been on! really makes this year worth it! im going active duty at the end of the summer so depending on where im stationed we'll see if i can make next year!

Gentlemen and Ladies, Once again I thank you all for the opportunity to play on the stone with all of you. A late arrival on Friday allowed me to explore Chicken Corners and watch five Isuzu Vehi-Cross SUV's get pulled up the Cliffhanger.
I want to thank Spaz for the picture taking on the Fins and Things run. Fly Boy Coe strapped up and pulled the "jelly bean" out after a minor stupid attack on my part.(photos to come):eek:

On the way home, I was told about a place in Enoch, Utah called Three Points. It is about eight miles from the 15 and I discovered it is an incredible little play area. On sunday morning, I was blown away. Not only did I meet Dean Bulloch, the On Track Rock Crawler team driver out there, I got to go an a 20 minute ride with him in the buggy. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I have only seen these things in the magazines. 12 ft straight up and over.:p:

Trully, this past weekend was a stress reliever and I will be doing it again soon.

Mike, thanks again for your leadership.
Evan, I'm glad you made it home in one peice.

I am now going to add my thoughts on the trip. I had an absolute blast out there. I still cannot believe my ST went through some of those trails. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and drive with (Becker69, FlyboyCoe, Mountaineer Green, GJarret, Mrboyle, Tilt168 and Spas, Joey Jarhead) and thanks Gerald and Mike for leading us on the trails you guys did great. Gerald was an incredible trail leader, pointing out things along the trail, like a tour guide would do.

I do not think I can wait until next year to go again. And would like to meet up with some of the Colorado guys and do some more wheelin.


few more vids:

right click save as

Dave in the hot tub (not sure why I said waterfall):

Jeff in the hot tub:

Jefe in the Golden Crack:

I picked a weak ass line this year and the tree in the crack didnt help but I did lift a tire!:

Buncha pictures:







CAREFUL! Dont drive over the edge.........

$100,000 to spend on a Jeep? Here ya go:

That Jeep has Pneumatic sway bar disconnect, airbags with computer level control at all 4 corners, and all 9nth degree suspension and brackets = WOW what a rig

Sorry, Dial-up peeps!

Jarhead, Flyboy & Tilt: Pm your addresses and I'll be happy to burn you all some CD's with the full res pics from Moab, ok?

Budget tried to give me a Chebbie again :rolleyes: so I put up a fight and told them that no self respecting Ford Employee would settle for less than a blue oval... this is what I got instead :D


Tilt, Myself and Flyboycoe at a scenic overlook on I-70:

In NYC the skyscrapers are so tall that sometimes you can't see the sky... Colorado's skyscrapers are a little bit different ;)

Tilt's a little happy about taking his sway bar off, can you tell?

Goliath, are you suuuuuuure your front hubs are locked? :D

I asked this fella his real name about 50 times and never got a straight answer... still dunno who he was, but he had a gorgeous sport!

This little dude was watching Tilt bend his drag link:





Amazing what this stock little jellybean of a truck could do!

Can you find all 4 Explorers??

On Sunday after everybody split, I took an hour trip south to Needles Overlook... Holy beautiful, Batman!!

Yes, those tiny little lines are ROADS :eek:


Check out my gallery for the rest of my pics :)

I asked this fella his real name about 50 times and never got a straight answer... still dunno who he was, but he had a gorgeous sport!

Is he a member here? Did you give him the website addy?

Great pics everyone.. im so freakin jealous

Is he a member here? Did you give him the website addy?

Great pics everyone.. im so freakin jealous

He said his name was 882explorersport or something similar, I think... He doesn't post much, but he likes to read everybody's tech stuff. Kinda like Goliath ;)

Griffin, #4 is FlyboyCoe, who is almost directly below Mike Boyle (who you have as 'II'). Good try though :D

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Man am I still hating this part of being on the east coast. I wana go back sooo badly. :( I just finished an animation for the next ExplorerForum video opening, and bought about $60 worth of new animation and music for this one(and it was a good reason for some new stuff as well) so if you've got any video I'll take it! If you don't want to upload it to the net drop me a PM and I'll send you my address to mail it to me.

Just for the record...I'm still full of envoy. :(