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Photos Moab 2007 Photos & Trip Report

What is that thing?

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well I am still working on pics, I forgot to tell everyone I found BFE, sunday after we finished the trail, it is AWESOME, some serious rock garden climbs and crazy shiznit, and I just circled the entrance we have got to go there and play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus anyone can drive out to it, there was a subaru and a carvan out there when I was there, I only did one obstacle kinda got stuck, had to get out and spot myself then barley made it and realized it was Definatley a one man trail


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Hokie man I always need help :) Right now I just need $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

SAS, ARB, gears, brakes, wheels, coilovers, etc etc etc long arm kit = expensive Might be a while.
I may have to patch the BII back together just to get me by until I can collect all the parts.

FC is a little over an hour from me, but there are some great lakes and trails between here and there :)

Ha! Money is the one thing I WON'T have for the next 2 years. It'll suck living in CO with a perfectly capable tow rig and not having the funds to tow a small 4x4 toy behind it

I was a Diesel powered Subaru, full exo cage, winches front and rear. Dick Ceepeck 37"s (or so) Super duper metallic paint everywhere!

Yep... it said it was a Forester H6. I wonder if the Russians that were driving in it were mad when I said Crazy Ivan ?! :D :p: :rolleyes: to Ivan.

Wow that Subaru is interesting.

:rolleyes: Damn'dest thing; it had an ARB front bumper. I think the tires were like 325 xx FC II's, with regular CO. registration. And all they'd say about it is you can't buy a rig like that, you've gotta build it. :rolleyes: Pretty cool though.

:thumbsup: I'm glad you all got back safe Gerald... it was nice wheelin' with ya and I appreciate (the aforementioned) tour guide stewardship. :D Ivan's a trip, I hope he had fun... and got some cool photos to school his class about what Moab has to offer :cool: .

That's just farkin funny right there :D

Can I nominate Msupertek, Lt, Matt & Jimmy for the Fakrwee tribe since none of them could figure out how to get us out of Steelbender until midnight? ;) :D

That's funny just to prepare you I don't think I have ever been un-lost:D Don't follow me you'll never know what might happen.

Msupertek + Trail = 100% success or 100% Broke :D




I still can't believe how much fun that trip was. I love showing all my friends the pictures and proving how awesome explorers are.

Becker- Thanks for the cd of all your pictures
Tilt- I've got a cd of pictures from Becker for you, we need to meet up sometime so i can pass it on.
Spas- When i get back to school on monday i'll send you mine.

I agree at how cool it is to see what an 'almost' stock explorer is capable of. I still can't believe I broke... but I guess after 6 years I was due for something. Plus given how cool everyone was with the help they gave; I know how to fix one now.

No problem about the pics Jeff... thank you and your buddy for the disc of pics as well. We'll have to meet up and wheel local :thumbsup:

ok im back online and ready to play!
coe yeah we do need to meet up and have some fun when are you free? you need to come to my place here in the springs, we have the whole apartmentbuildings roof as our deck...amazing view of the mtns....

and to all of us lost on steelbender....wait we wern't lost! we were just trying out some new trials in the dark! yeah that was it!

:biggthump The whole trip went by like a blur. (No I wasn't drinking):D Saw a lot of old friends and met some new ones. On friday my cousin Ralph and I decided to rent a jeep instead taking my Suzuki 4X4 XL-7 on the trail. Best decision we made all week.

On Friday we did Klondike Bluff and Arches. I was a little aprehensive about going tippy after my "Incident", but everything went well. Until Mounteneer green who was in front of us decided to get tippy going down hill. My heart stopped as he started to go over, I jumped out of the jeep and got up on the runnung board to get him down. The look on his and his wife's face was pure panic. I talked him into turning into the tip instead of away and all ended well.

Saturday we did Iron Flat Mesa which was great, just enough obstacles to grab you're attention and more than enough scenery to last a life time. Had a couple of moderate scares but nothing dangerous. Met up with some Russian Asshmoles:rolleyes: who were driving a decked out rig. I'll try and post a picture.

Sunday we did Poison Spider Trail which was the most technical and the most fun. Josh entertained us by taking the hardest and craziest lines. He had a great spotter, Dot, his mom. They were a pleasure to watch as they went up and down the hardest lines.:notworthy Made us feel like fools being beat by a mom and her young son:eek:

Geralds dog Durango went in front of Gerald spotting him and did a good job, now if we can only teach the dog how to read the GPS we might have a back up trail boss when our's breaks down.:crazy:

My radioman the whole trip was Ivan who kept us informed of what was happening up front all the time. Ivan you were worth 2 frozen snickers not just one, I owe you one buddy.

And Ashlix, I not only wore my boots but even had a walking stick.:D

Anyway just another trip in off roading paradise.:chug:

russians trying to test their lunar vehicles? and what exactly is the point of that hood scoop if it doesnot function....obviously there is a snorkel

Thanks spas for the kind words about my black 01 sport,I have been very busy since I got home from moab and just looked at the site.I did run the moab rim trail friday afternoon with some early bronco's and run Pritchett canyon saturday, that is one tuff trail!! I had to be strapped once only, I will try and post pictures of both soon.

Hi, thanks for the nice words about my 01 sport. I am as you know now 928sport on the site.Thanks

...and run Pritchett canyon saturday, that is one tuff trail!! I had to be strapped once only, I will try and post pictures of both soon.

Wow, you ran Pritchett in your nice sport? Isn't that rated a 5:eek:? I have to run that trail now:p:

Yes we did, if you run it, make sure you have people with you that have done it before and know the lines,I did it with some early bronco guy's I know and they are the best I have been around.It is one tuff trail for a IFS explorer,Lockers front and rear are a must!!!As I said, I will try and get some pic's up soon of this and the moab rim trail. And yes, pritchett is a rated 5 ,

WTH is this???


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