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EGR Tube Nut wont budge


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April 13, 2011
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'95 Ford Explorer
So was working on my Explorer last weekend, wanting to change out the EGR Valve, as it is froze and rusted. Well I was trying to get the one nut off, and I ended up breaking the EGR Tube off clean at the nut down at the exhaust. So I ordered a new EGR tube, and am ready to put on the new EGR valve AND Tube. Only problem is, I can't get the old nut off at the exhaust. Here is a couple pics of this huge nut. Any ideas? :( For now I'm driving it, it just sounds like a motorcycle LOL!. I'm going left loosey with it as well haha. Looking straight at it this would be the correct direction right? I have even sprayed it with all kinds of things and it just wont loosen. About killed my arms trying to get it off.



I just dealt with the same issue. The tube is officially trashed. Remove the two screws at the egr valve and break the tube off at the nut. Will also give you more room to maneuver. The rest of the tube is still welded to the nut so if you decide to leave it there will be more effort and the tube will twist.

1) Lots of heat - get nut red hot- and pb blaster or kroil, the yellow mapp(its not mapp, but whatever) preferred
2) Wax candle in the threads when very hot
3) Now that the tube is broken off a 1 1/16" socket and breaker bar is the perfect tool to get it out. A big crescent or open wrench of appropriate size may work too.

There is also a plumbing type fitting between the manifold and the tube, it may come out with the nut, I was able to seperate and salvage mine. It is around $12 bucks, but not sure if you can get it locally if it breaks (doubt it, but be aware).