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Extended Travel CV Axle Half Shafts

why would you need extended length cv axles?
In my case the stiff torson bars were screwed up to compansate the higher rear with longer shakles
and add-a-leaf springs.
(do not have the $$$ for longer travel suspension)
Yes, for the stock high suspension the OEM axles are good and they work fine in their "comfort zone".
If the front is screwed up the OEM axles will fail much sooner, not the boots will fail
but the inner tripode joints.
I hoped the the greater angles of these TrakMotive axles will meet my requirements.
I think they did until now, only the outer boots fail.
As TrakMotive support told me today:
"These axles are not made to be taken apart so I cannot give you any info as to how to replace or remove any piece of the axle."
That must be the reason the joint puller brake off.

The new boot spreader SKF VKN 402 is great, but the soft silicone boots were disrupted
while spreading.
Now i have to look for other spreadable boots.


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I decided to scrap this idea after 3 sets failing,im sending them back to rock auto for a refund. Already installed trakmotive stock replacements.

Now i got two sets (one as spare) with new spreadable universal SKF boots and SKF 25013 dust rings.
Installation was very easy, put them back in and we will see...



regards Wolfgang

Fingers crossed, that SKF boot looks really good.

Well done!

If skf boots are as good as their seals, those should last a long time.

Two month since i replaced the boots, everything is still fine.
Shock's are fully extended in these pictures.



The reason to jack up the Explorer was a loud metal noise at the driverside,
every time while driving over a pothole i thought something must be broken.
Maybe the swaybar links, no the two bolts of the swaybar bracket were lose.




One year ago that i replaced the outer boots, now both inner trakmotive boots fail.
SKF boots still fine, but what's comming up next? As i changed the axels i noticed that
the front left caliper sliding bolts are stuck and the left upper controlarm bushings are worn out (squeaking).
I like the Explorer very much, but i am not charmed about this front end design.
Nothing new, i know...