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Foxracin's 1991 Exploder

Real Name: Trevor
Year : 1991
Model: Explorer
State: North Carolina
City: Mount Holly

Just picked up this Exploder last week. Its not in the best of shape but overall its decent. The motor runs great and the body has very few dents and dings.

When I got it the trans was out like every other a4ld. I am a 5 speed guy myself and was planning to convert to 5 speed anyway.

First thing and did is check the fluid in the trans. Nice and red, full, and doesnt smell burnt. Pulled one of the lines at the radiator and fired it up and no fliud. Nothing at all. Pulled the pressure plug in the side of the trans and fired it up to make sure the lines were not stopped up somewhere and still nothing so I knew something wasnt right with the pump.

Got it home and put it on some jack stands and started tearing out the trans.


Got the trans out and pulled the torque converter out and found some scaring on the snout. Thats not supposed to be like that. lol

Pulled the bellhousing off then the pump from the bellhousing and theres the problem. One of the pump gears cracked and spread the teeth apart and locked up and spun on the torque converter.


Oh well time to throw it in the scrap pile. Dont want to spend the money on it again not even know if the rest of the trans is good and for it to just break again. I figured I could swap in a 5 speed for not much more then fixing the a4ld.

Figured I would mess with the inside a little while I try to find a trans.

Put in a Sony headunit. Ran new speaker wires and used the internal amp after 2 stock amps were not right. Soldered all the connections and ran new speaker wire and its good as new.

Put it in a Midland CB I had laying around.

Overall shot of the interior.

Then I figured I would ride over the the Pull-A-Part to see if I could run across anything. Sure enough ran across a 1992 5 speed Exploder. But somebody already robbed the trans and starter. Figured I would go ahead and get what I could off it. Got the computer, Manual trans wiring harness, pedals, and Master cylinder(when they got the trans they cut the line so it wasnt useable). Still had the flywheel, clutch/pressure plate still on it too but I didnt have the money for it right then.

So I came home and started swapping out some stuff.

Manual trans wiring harness.

Swapped computers and moved it to behind the glove compartment to get it a little higher.

Swapped the pedals. I left the pedal assembly in and just changed out the brake pedal and put the clutch pedal on. It was aggravating but definitely beats pulling the dash out to change the entire assembly.

Went back the next day to Pull-A-Part to get the clutch and flywheel and all that good stuff crawled under it and somebody done took the clutch and pressure plate. So I missed out on that. Went ahead and pulled the flywheel off though. It looked fairly new.

Pile of junk parts I have pulled off so far. lol It keeps getting bigger.

Thats where I am at so far. Need to scrounge up some money to get me a trans and a few other pieces and I should be set.

For now I will probably just do a body lift and coil spacers and shackles for now with some 33's or 34's after I get it on the road.

Then save up for the d44 SAS down the road.

Ill keep this thread updated as I get some more work done.

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Went to the junkyard today and scored a disc 8.8 with 4.10 LS for my Ranger. Going to narrow it and put it in the Ranger.


Also scored a set of f150 coil spring spacers. Just need some plate to make some shackles with now.

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Lots of work for little money! Just what everyone loves to see. Looks great!

Got the spacers in. Real simple to do. Took 30-45 minutes for both sides.


The shackles measure right at 1.5 inches thick. When it was all said and done I got about 2"-2 1/4" lift at the fender lip.

Camber isnt real bad either. Went from -1* before to +1* after. It will adjust out fine with the bushing in it now when I get it aligned

Ill get some better pics whenever I get some plate for the shackles.

Got some metal for the shackles today and made a template to mount a York 210 compressor for OBA. Ill get the shackles made probably tommorrow and cut the metal for the compressor bracket.

That bracket- are you eliminating your A/C or does it mount elsewhere? I'm curious how it'll fit.

It looks good so far, man! I can't tell you how much more confident I am now that I have the manual hubs. Even more now that I have a third for a spare.

I'm pretty sure I only have about $900 in my Ex, including the transmission swap, Dynomax kit, and 34s. Hopefully Friday that'll jump by about $250, though, when I pick up my custom front bumper from the fab shop!

Keep up the work, man. Keep us posted on your progress.

The backet im making up will keep the stock a/c. The bracket bolt to the top of the stock a/c and come off to the right and the york compressor will hang there. Have to remove the radiator overflow tank but they can be put somewhere else. Its hard to fit the big ole york in there cause it so big. Only place i could find to put it.

I wish I could find one of the mini Yorks. There a lot smaller and still pump 9CFM which would be plenty and be a whole lot easier to mount.

...I just seen this thread...Great job to going to town on a project...:biggthump

...You should add a link in your signature to this thread so more people could see your build...;)

Got the shackles done today. There 11.5 inches long and bolt holes are 9.5 from center to center. Lifted it right at 2 inches so now it sits about level. Incase anybody wants to know, the stock shackle bolts are long enough for shackles made out of 3/8 if you can get them out in one piece. All mine came out easy except one. Had to beat it pretty good to get it out. Put anti seize on all of them to keep it from seizing back up.


Overall shots of how it sits now.



Also picked up a 1500w power inverter Im going to mount in the storage box in the back to run electric impact, grinder, or whatever else I need too. Got to get some wire to run too it.

...That will definitely work..:biggthump

...I hear people saying all the time how no one is working on there trucks...It's now easier to find another one in progress..

...I made myself a promise...I am selling both of my trucks...:scratch:

...When I complete all the projects on both trucks, at the same time...:D

its nice to see another nc ex being put together.

Went to the junkyard yesterday and picked up a few things. Got a OHC, a MAF meter, and found some power wire I can use for the inverter I got.

Got the OHC mounted up last night and just finished wiring it all up.

Ill get some pics whenever I get a chance.

Overhead console mounted and wired.

Power inverter wired. It is 1500w. Works great for using a electirc impact, drill, grinder or w/e you would need.

4.6 MAF and a old filter I had laying around.

Now if I can just get the clutch problem fixed we will be one the road again.

Picked up some new wheels and tires today. Got a set of 31x11.5x15 LTB's with 95% tread and some black steel wheels. There all but brand new. You can still see where the say swamper on the big lugs.



Got them put on earlier. Ill get some better pics tomorrow when there some light outside.

Im going to be meeting a guy a Christmas week to pick up a set of the Jeep manual hubs.

Picked up some more goodies today. Got a Quick Air 3 compressor, lines, 2.5 gallon tank, and air gauge for $80. Hook it up and it works great. Its a low pressure high volume pump. It only does 70 psi but will move 3.65 cfm of air. Perfect for just airing tires back up which is what I wanted it for.



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...My X is getting jealous...

...The only thing I've done for it is break a door handle..:rolleyes:

...Nice find too on the air...:biggthump