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Help with font yoke on transfer case 5.0 AWD


August 26, 2015
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1997 Mountaineer 5.0 AWD
Hey all, had a pretty loud rumbling noise coming from the front end. Removed the front driveshaft to diagnose. With the front shaft out its quiet with no rumbling. BeforeI did this I checked the Viscous coupling at it was in fact driving the front wheels. I took the CV joint on the driveshaft apart for inspection and found very littl red runny oil stuff, a good boot and not much more than light discoloration on the "inner star" of the cv joint, nothing that can be felt by hand. So I hope a new front shaft will help but a not optimistic due to the many components in the front end that can go bad not to mention the transfer case. The yoke on the front of the transfer case has 1/8 to 3/16 ths of play and also clicks when I rock it back and forth. Any suggestions are appreciated 1997 mercuryMountaineer 5.0 with AWD

It's most likely a combination of the cv and universal joints.

Your ring and pinion are still turning as is the t-case without the D-shaft.


If the driveshaft passes a shake/wiggle test and has no play my vote is for the VC.

When installed it had no play, boot was good but the grease was like oil an ran out when I pulled the CV cover..