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Installing aftermarket Keyless Entry (Viper 211hv)


December 26, 2009
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Orlando, FL
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'99 Sport
So I just picked up an aftermarket keyless entry system for my 99 ex sport. It says it has built in relays so I assume I dont have to buy them to take pop the doors but im still a bit confused on what goes where...this is what I have so far.

Explorer Wire Guide

Constant 12V+ Yellow
Accessory Black/Green
Parking Lights Brown (+) Driver's Kick Panel or White/Black
Head Lamp Red/Yellow (+)
Door Trigger Black/Light Blue (+)
Door Lock Pink/Yellow (-)
Door Unlock Pink/Light Green (-)
Driver's Lock Pink/Black (+)
Driver's Unlock Red/Orange (+)
Passenger Unlock Pink/Green (-)
Horn Wire Yellow/Light Green (-) Or Blue

Viper Wire Guide

Red (12v constant)
Blue (-200 mA Second unlock output)
Black/White-1 (Input of dome-light supervision relay #87)
Black/white (output of dome-light supervision relay #30)
green/black (lock #30 common output)
white/black (lock #87 normally closed)
violet/black (lock #87 normally open input)
blue/black (unlock #30 common output)
violet (unlock #87 normally open input)
white (+/- parking light flash output)
black (ground)
brown (- horn honk output)
light green/black (factory alarm disarm)
white/blue (- 200mA channel 3 validity output)
yellow (+ switched ignition input accessory)
orange (- 500mA ground when armed output)
brown/black (unlock #87a normally closed)
red/white (- output of channel 2)

I also have this link to the PDF of the install guide.
Anyone know how to install this that can translate it to plain english...I can wire and Solder so no worries there.

Thanks in advance