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james' 94 XLT

1994 Ford Explorer XLT
Richmond, BC, Canada

Heres some pics of my new 1994 XLT i picked up a week ago:






Picked it up for $500. Main problem is a leaking intake manifold gasket. Working on that this weekend. Other problem is the transmission, you have to back off the throttle before it shifts, or it won't shift at all. I think I fixed that with a fluid/filter change. We'll see when I get the motor back together.

I've put in a remote entry / starter into it, and it starts great remotely, but still working on the door locks.

The relay was blown for the heater blower motor, and that was a quick fix.

Still have to figure out why the wipers only work on high, and don't park sometimes. Going to swap wiper motors with a spare, because that is what most people do on this forum and it seems to work.

So yeah, a good find for $500. Motor ran well when I drove it back. Too bad the coolant leaks out after about a half hour though.

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Cleaned it up a bit today. Transmission still isn't shifting properly, but i've been playing with the kickdown cable and getting some results.

Found out its got 3.73 gears in the rear end with a tracton-lok LSD. Makes for a lot of fun when you plant your foot on the gas!

Now that I drive it daily, and it hasn't sat for a bit, things will start to work better. I got 12 MPG on my first tank though. Check engine light came on and says EGR stuff and the crankshaft sensor. Will have to check that stuff out soon.

Otherwise i'm really impressed in this truck. Runs great, motor is strong.

Nice truck. Seems like your the kind of guy that can DIY.
One day this will all come together and you can be proud of it even more.

nice truck james

can someone move this thread to the elite explorer registry. i've just upgraded.

wow i didn't even know i had the power to move threads. i'll update this thread soon with updated pictures. so far i've got a KKM intake, new rubber, and i'll be starting a cut polish soon. i put in a dynomax muffler but I didn't like it, so I returned it back to stock.

a rebuilt transmission has been installed with an adjustable modulator. rear end oil is RP synthetic, will soon be going to AMSOIL in the transmission and transfer case.

...Just another great feature of being "Elite"...:D

gotta love the snow:


this morning


back view


drivers side


front view with icicles


our street facing north


our street facing south

some videos of off roading

And some 15x10's on my truck. They were for my friend's jeep but it wasn't ready yet.

EDIT: and one more

EDIT: August 29th, 2009:

Explorer weighed in on the scales at 4300 lbs. Ranger weighed in at 3800 lbs.

My explorer ran 18.805 @72.10 MPH. 4.0L ranger went 17.845 @ 76.68 MPH.

A 500 pound weight difference and a 1.0L less displacement for the ranger. Those 3.0L vulcan's are pretty quick.

Another guy had a 4.0L SOHC 2001 sport trac, and beat my friends ranger. he ran 16.5 or something like that.

nice x u got there

Did the vedder mountain trip a couple months ago. It's an outstanding view, it sucked that the weather wasn't that clear.

Our 3 vehicles. Mine on the Left, my friend's sport in the middle, and my friend's 86 Cherokee 2.8:

Outstanding view of the Fraser Valley. Will have to come up here again when it's nice and clear.





Now I have to take my truck off the road for a few months while I'm currently taking a C Level Welding program. This will give me time to do the following things that really need to be done:

- Rear Crankshaft Oil Seal
- Pull oil pan and see what chunk of metal is sitting blocking the drain at the bottom, and change the gasket
-Adjust Transmission Bands while transmission is out
-Put on spare transfer case as I broke the case where the speedometer cable bolts on, it's hose clamped in there.
-Replace Transmission Dipstick O-ring
-Fluid Change Front Axle
-Radius Arm Bushings
-Ball joints

-Front Brakes and Rotors, would like to try the Raybestos Ceramic Advanced Technology.
-Fluid Change Rear Axle

-Install the 3 gauge kit I've had for a few months now.
-At Some point in the future would like to put the Raybestos Advanced Technology shoes in the rear if they make them with new drums.
-Cut Polish Paint and fix dent in rear drivers door
-4" Rough Country Lift Kit

Wow man the Ex came along great, and what makes it better is that you bought it barely driveable, and now look what your doing with it :D

Great job man:thumbsup:

Wow man the Ex came along great, and what makes it better is that you bought it barely driveable, and now look what your doing with it :D

Great job man:thumbsup:

Thanks! A lot has been done with it. I know the truck inside and out now! I can say that because I just pulled all the carpet out, and installed some Leather Power seats I picked up from a parts truck.